You Got Email. . . Now Answer

Thank you to everyone that has emailed and/or sent a direct message via Twitter. The kind words and the encouragement are always appreciated. It always makes a girl smile.

First, let me apologize if you feel that I have been ignoring your inquires. I do read my emails. As some of you know, I will eventually respond whether by email or in a post. However, I will admit I have been slow to respond to “Dear Stiletto” letters, something I am truly sorry about.

Okay . . .

For this post, I am going to answer the 5 most often email, DM, and asked questions:

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Tell me about yourself?

I am not even going to acknowledge the emails I get where people (yes both men and women) are trying to “get with me.” Well . . . um . . . I guess I did just acknowledge them. Okay, I am not going to answer the can I get your number questions. I guess some people just get turned on by the thought of a woman in high heels. Hey, high heels turn me on too (not on others but, on me). You all know I have categories for high heels; one of them being heels I want to have sex with or in.

I digress.

Honestly, I have been ignoring emails asking me about myself (after all I have an about me page). That was until I got that, “who do you think you are?” email. If you missed the response you can find it here.

Do you accept guest post?

Queen in Heels does accept guest posts. There you have it. If you are a woman and want to share a post about high heels, being a woman or both; submit a guest post.
When you post on Queen in Heels you may include a link to your Blog, Facebook page, and Twitter profile. The complete guidelines, topics, and ideas (and a link to a previous guest post) are listed here.

Do you Guest Post?

Yes, I love to put my thoughts all over the World Wide Web. If you would like for me to guest post on your site, send me an email. If there is a specific subject you want to know if I am interested in writing about, just ask me.

What if I want you to write about something specific on Queen in Heels?

Drop me an email. I have posted on a subject because of a request. I cannot promise I will post about it but, I will consider it if it is related to women or high heels.

Can you feature high heels that are not so expensive?

The focus here is designer high heels. There are two reasons for this:
1. The philosophy that we all should strive for the best/finest things that life has to offer. Even if we cannot afford designer shoes, they are a lovely reminder that by following our dreams and goals we will one day achieve great things.
2. The design houses set the trends that will find their way down into every shoe collection from high end to shoe clubs.

However, I am considering doing a weekly feature called, “High Heel Low Heel.” There are two different types of post that will fall under this title: 1. An individual designer high heel and a similar heel for less. 2. A group of high heels from designer to low cost that follow a trend (i.e., leopard print).

That is it. If you have any other questions, comments, or suggestions contact me at:

Or leave it in the comments.

Below are all the other places we can connect:

Follow Me and I Will Follow Back: I am a follow me and I will follow you back type blogger. I believe in being supportive of my sisters in blogging.
Here are all the social media places you can follow Queen in Heels and I will follow back:
1. Twitter– I tryto follow everyone following Queen in Heels back. Well, unless it is spam. What do I consider a spam page? A profile page filled with nothing but links. “Try this.” “Read this.” “Look at my Site.” Yes, I know Twitter is a place to promote but, there are limits.
2. Bloglovin– I must admit I only check Bloglovin every so often so, if you do follow there please, tweet me or leave a comment for me so I know to follow back.
3. Pinterest– For those who don’t know what Pinterest is, I will try to explain. On Pinterest, you create boards (think bulletin) where you pin things from around the Internet that inspire you. You can also repin photos from the boards of the people you are following. Yes, I pin heels there however, I also like beautiful bathrooms, Yummy food, and Christmas.
4. Tumblr – I try to tumble, at least twice a week, all the things I like that I do not post here. Unlike Pinterest, where I pin anything and everything, Tumblr is an extension of this blog so, it still mainly focuses on women and heels related material.
5. Facebook – I must admit, I have been neglecting my Facebook page. Once, I use to make daily status advice, quizzes, and more but, all the changes have put a damper on things. It is all about to change though, I am working on another fun trivia game. I do hope Facebook will allow it to be great. *screams over the new newsfeed*. Anyway, I try to like the others pages of my women businesses and blogs. I allow the pages to rotate randomly to show on the Queen in Heels page. I also do not mind when others “share” something on my page just please, do not abuse it.

If you notice, I am very consistent about using the Queen in Heels name on social media. That is very important when building a brand.
Oh, I forgot, Queen in Heels is on youtube. There are not any videos yet but, they are coming soon.

Thank you for visiting Queen in Heels. Never miss an update by subscribing via email or your favorite rss feeder. You can also subscribe using Bloglovin. I appreciate your time and support.

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