Yotam Solomon Spring 2013 “War in Iraq” Collection

Designer Yotam Solomon is exploring War (specifically Iraq and Afghanistan) and it’s effect on society, the manner it changes our lives and it’s history through fashion. The collection entitled, “War in Iraq” is inspired by the way government operates to raise awareness and understanding about the current occupancy of the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army life and desert living motifs are recurring inspirational objects, all exemplified throughout this collection. Details such as cut-outs, exotic skins, natural fibers, hand stitched overlay trims, contrasting colors inspired and custom low impact dyes create this revolutionary and politically charged collection.

“After the success of my ’Oil Spill’ collection designed to raise awareness and funds to clean the BP Spill, and the ‘Drug & DNA’ Collection I created a collection inspired by the Iraq war and it’s relation to our society, personal life, and future as humans. Living in Hollywood is nothing close to being in a battle field, from parties to gym session one seldom thinks of war.

Growing up in Israel exposed myself to living close to actual battle and taught me that it is very important to always look into the facts and understand what is actually taking place and not believe misleading political agenda. It’s important for me to share that through this collection so we can all have a better future and understanding of one another.

That being said I would like to give a huge thanks to all of the men and women who are and have been devoting their time and even lives so we can live in peace and security. . . ” -Designer Yotam Solomon

I think it is wonderful Yotam Solomon has used his label and collections to raise awareness of some very serious issues affecting society, including war. It amazes me that even though ugly has inspired the collection, Yotam was able to find and create beauty.
On the other hand, I need everyone to be aware that there are innocent men, women, and children whose lives are being affected on both sides. No collection can ever capture the pain that comes with war.

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One Response to Yotam Solomon Spring 2013 “War in Iraq” Collection

  1. Heather says:

    War equals shoe inspiration? I don’t know. The shoes are pretty, but how can you be alive today in the United States and not know we’re at war? I’m not sure I agree with the idea that these raise awareness. It seems to cheapen the enormous sacrifices our men and women in the military have made to defend our country.
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