Yotam Solomon: Drug & DNA Fall 2011Collection

Designer Yotam Solomon is staging an intervention.

When designer Yotham Solomon creates a collection he build awareness. In the Drug and DNA collection, pill capsules are recurring and inspirational objects, being that they come in many shapes and colors. Some of the detailing found on the heels is intended to look like pills.

“After the success of my Spring 2011 season titled ‘The Oil Spill collection’ designed to raise awareness and funds to clean the BP Spill, I have deiced to create a collection around Drugs and the way they affect our DNA.
I have always been fascinated with the broad manner in which the general public uses Drugs (over the counter drugs, illegal drugs and other supplements). Most don’t know what the side effects are of the medicine they take, while others don’t even know why they are prescribed to the drugs in the first place.
Living in Hollywood, drugs pop up everywhere. From parties to gym session, you see it constantly. With major celebrities in and out of rehab, and some of the most controversial deaths involving drugs, it is an infamous subject. I hope this collection inspires you to learn more about the chemicals in your body and the manner at which it affects your lifestyle.”
–Yotam Solomon

Thinking about what Yotam Solomon said, I did some reserch and found out that prescription drugs are rapidly becoming a primary drugs of abuse in the United States and throughout the world. According to prescriptiondrugabuse.org,“prescription drugs are the second most commonly abused category of drugs, behind marijuana and ahead of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs.”

Pill Boot

Jet Boot

“When I moved here when I was 15, I went to school at Beverly Hills High School and I noticed that people were taking all kinds of drugs — prescription drugs — and to me it seemed that every time you take a pill to fix something it damages something else.” — Yotam Solomon

“We get mutated by using different chemicals. Next time you take something, think about the consequences.”— Yotam Solomon

Yotam Solomon strives to protect the environment by always incorporating organic sustainable materials to create his collections.

Kudos to Yotam Solomon for his messages and for also supporting charities through the awareness and funds from his collections.

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