Thoughts on Vlogging and New Video

The above cartoon was left for me on my workstation by a co-worker who gets his giggles from my social media endeavors. He is always leaving me little things like this or making snarky comments about anything social media related. Now, I will say it is all in good fun and I tend to find it all amusing. When I found this lovely gem taped to my computer, I told him that I just did a YouTube video so; this was even more amusing than usual. The cartoon is now taped on the wall in my little corner home office.

Side note: Hopefully, soon (within 6 months), I will be leaving this job behind and permanently working for myself which is the ultimate goal. A post on that will follow in the upcoming months. Until then . . .

So, I as I stated above, I recently recorded my second YouTube video and I wanted to share some of my observations on this media.

Vlogging is a little more time consuming . . . at least for me. Though, I am only sharing my thoughts via my own mouth instead of through written form; I spend more time worrying about how to form those words. If I feel the words were too unclear or to mumbled I start the video all over. So, the video below I rerecorded 8 times before I said f*@K it and just went with the flow and let the tongue ties happen.

Then, there is the pre-prep. Hair, make-up, and making sure my teeth are brushed. Sorry, if millions may see me, I need to look my best.

Vlogging is new to me so the editing is more difficult. I have used Windows Live Movie Maker but, I want to learn how to do fancier video editing in the future. I want to do skits and such so; learning how to edit is a must.

Of course, during the 8 retakes the camera was in perfect position and by the 9th “this is the last take I am doing” the camera was too far up so more of the ceiling is showing than the stand I was sitting on. That I could not edit and fix so, when I stand to put my foot on the stand it is not in the frame. Sighs.

Overall . . .

Vlogging is fun. I do like that it allows readers to hear my voice and be able to learn more of my personality. Eventually, you will all come to find out, though it is no secret to those around me, I am 2 steps from crazy. Haha.

Anyway, I am working out a calendar for all my social media networking and endeavors. With so many outlets and so little time, I need to keep a schedule. I am working on whether to vlog once a week or twice a month. Decisions. Decisions. Well, if you are interested my latest video is entitled “My High Heels Your Pettiness.”

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2 Responses to Thoughts on Vlogging and New Video

  1. Heather says:

    You’re so cute! I’ve yet to do a vlog, good for you for doing it! And pettiness is annoying. Don’t let it get you down.
    Heather recently posted..My new camera

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