The Truth: 6 Places Never to Look for Love

With so many sites, blogs, posts, tweets, and statuses focused on finding love and keeping it, I thought I would toss my heart-shaped penny into the wishing well. Over the last few weeks, I have read the ‘how to find love’ articles, the ‘keep love fresh’ articles, the ‘rekindle the magic’ posts, the ‘rules of relationships’ posts, and the ‘love yourself until someone comes along to love you’ posts. I asked myself, “Sharon, what can you add to the (already) tons of love advice filling the Internet?” I often tend to talk to myself. Honestly, I do also answer myself, which I heard was a sign of . . . I digress . . . that is a topic for another post.

Well, I decided to focus on giving single woman advice; since, I myself, am a divorced woman, who is single and likes to mingle. And while, I do believe that we all have the right to date whom we please i.e., younger men; the ugly truth is being single can sometimes be a lonely state. Sadly, desperation can cloud our usually rational judgment and leave us in not so healthy relationships. So, I have decided to be brutally honest and tell you where NOT to look for love.

6 Places to Never Look for Love:

1. Prisons: Yes, we all love a bad boy; however, there is a point when the bad boy is just rotten. The point of being in a relationship is to have someone you can spend time with, hold, snuggle, and lean on when you are tired. Not a man you have to share your intimate moments with in a room filled with others and sitting across the table from (or looking through glass at). You want a man who when you get married will help ease financial burdens. Not someone you have to take care of by putting money on his books and who has caused an increase in the telephone bill with those collect calls. Oh, it may be sweet of him to send a love letter (the old-fashion way), telling you that you are everything he is looking for in a woman. Your facial features, your hair color, your height, and skin tone; everything about you makes you his perfect type. Yes, your serial killer boyfriend has found the perfect women he wants to kill love.

2. Vegas: Looking for love in Vegas is like going to a well with a bucket that has a hole in it. Sure, there will be plenty of (maybe) single men (wedding bands tend to fall off in Vegas) all over the city, partying and gambling; however as they say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” So, when Jeffery (if that is his name), claims he is going to call you after a whirlwind romantic weekend (and mind-blowing sex), do not bet your pus . . . er . . . dignity on it.

3. Anonymous Meetings: It is very commendable when a person recognizes and seeks help for their problem. However, some women take the role of being a caretaker too far. There is nothing wrong with wanting to care for someone, however, it is harmful to both your health and the relationship to have your partner become dependent on you. If you both truly want to pursue a relationship, first, allow him the time to work through overcoming his dependency. Give him time to walk the path of sobriety before you enter into the possibility of a relationship.

4. Gay Clubs: He is the perfect guy. He possesses all the qualities you are looking for in a man: tall, dark, handsome, loves long walks, romantic movies, and reading poetry. The number one mistake that women make is thinking that they can change a man. Well, let this post assure you of one thing, if he wants a he then he will not want to be with a she. Going to a gay club, wearing your sexiest 6-inch stilettos and trying to tease him by shaking your tail feather will not make him realize any different. Of course, this place only applies to heterosexuals.

5. His Wedding: There is a saying, that once a man is taken he becomes more attractive to other women, and you could not agree more. There he is so handsome in his tuxedo. The very meaning of the words suave and debonair. You watch as she walks down the aisle towards him, and you think to yourself, she does not appreciate him the way you would appreciate him. You deserve to be the one standing there beside him exchanging vows of a life happily ever after. Well, if you succeed in making him yours, make sure you check your wedding guest list twice; a woman named, Karma is definitely planning to attend.

6. Twitter: There is this guy on Twitter and he really knows how to properly treat a lady. How do you know? You follow him and read it in his tweets. If your friends and family don’t believe you well, then, his thousands of followers will verify it. Too bad you failed to notice that he has tweeted the same thought every seven days or that most of his thoughts are quotes stolen from another.

I am not always a downer, once, I did give advice of 3 places that were actually pretty cool to find a date.

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  1. Raquel says:

    lol, these all made me laugh! I hope there really aren’t ladies out there who think these are good ideas!!
    Raquel recently posted..Light Bites

  2. Ok and you are the one who’s against open relationships. Uh are you sure?

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