The Great Kim Kardashian Debate

I was recently engaged in a conversation (with another female) when the topic somehow became Kim Kardashian. We were discussing her . . . sisters? Show? Clothing line? I really do not remember how she came into the conversation. Well, anyway, we were discussing Kim when this comment was made, “Kim is a Ho.”

Now, before I continue, let me state that I am no Kim Kardashian fan. I have never sat down and watched her show. I am not following her on Twitter. I do not ‘like’ her on Facebook. As far as I am concern, she is just a reality TV celebrity, and truth told, I also think she is a very shred and intelligent business-minded woman (thanks to her mother). And occasionally, she is featured here because she has an awesome collection of high heels.

With that said, my response was, “Why is she a Ho?”

The response was somewhere along the lines of her having had so many boyfriends. Now, I don’t know just how many boyfriends Kim has had, I know only of three, maybe, four guys. And if that is a whole lot of boyfriend then, riddle me these . . .

1. How many celebrities do you know that have only dated one person their entire life?

I know of numerous celebrities that every time I turn on the television, they are dating someone new. And since, I write about women issues on this blog, I will stick to women celebrities. Now, I will not name the names but, I know of numerous female celebrities who have dated numerous men and who have married and divorced numerous times. Even some of your favorite Old Hollywood Starlets, that people hold near and dear to their heart, have played the field.

2. Where in the rule book of life does it state that a woman has to date only one man her entire life?

Sorry, I do not believe there is anything wrong with a woman who does not want to settle down. I also, do not believe there is anything wrong with dating around before settling down. There is nothing worse than getting married and wishing you had, not only waited, but, had explored all your options (believe me I know). Also, UNLESS, you are one of two females: a virgin the day you were married (who truly can marry in white) or are a 40 year old virgin; I do believe some may classify you as a Ho. AND if you are a single woman who has slept with more than one man, I do believe that some may classify you as a Ho. So, for some of you (ladies) calling Kim a Ho it is just like the pot calling the kettle black . . . ridiculous. And, since, I can honestly say, I have had ‘relations’ with more than two men, I will refrain from the name calling.

Of course, to further defend her stance that Kim was a Ho, this person brought up Kim’s 72 hour day marriage.

Now, I must admit, I was a little put off by that whole situation. Not, because of the length of the marriage, my biggest peeve was with the lame excuse she gave for why she felt she needed to get married. Other than that, many people have decided they have made a mistake getting married, some make that decision next day, hence the word . . . annulment.

And for those who think the marriage was for publicity, well, she is a reality TV star. She is giving people what they want, a show.

Then, the enviable came into the conversation, the sex tape. Well, glory be . . . who doesn’t have a sex tape? I know of quite a few celebrity sex tapes floating around on the Internet. I also, know quite a few ‘everyday’ women who have made a sex tape, took naked pictures, or are engaging in steaming texts and dirty emails. I may just be one of those women . . . who have done . . . one of those things . . . listed. I know, I know the shame of it. Now, do me a favor, take some deep breaths and get over it.

The thing about Kim is her life is an open book, thanks, to her show and herself. This gives people the opportunity to make self-righteous judgments, even those, who by no means are living righteous lives themselves. In the end, I still was left with the burning question, “Why is Kim a Ho?”

What justifies the use of the word ho??

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4 Responses to The Great Kim Kardashian Debate

  1. Barbara says:

    I don’t think that the reason why she is a ho was because of the boyfriends. Why is Kim even famous? Does she act? No! Does she sing? No! Kim came to national attention because of a sex tape. Now, making a sex tape doesn’t automatically make you a ho. But when you use that sex tape to launch your career, well then that’s a different story. She pretended that she was so upset that it was coming out and fought with her ex to stop the sale then turn around and accept a million dollars and publish it…well. Then she goes on to show up to any and every event and always take back shots (you know what I mean) and it’s not real. Don’t believe it, google Kim two years before she became “famous” and you can clearly see she doesn’t have all that back there. You use your body to make you famous then want everyone to forget why you became famous in the first place?!

    To me she is no different than Amber Rose, all of the Love & Hip-Hop girls, BBW (and all the other reality girls) if you sue your body to get what you want then don’t get mad when people see you as a ho. She’s no different than a video vixen or porn star. Yes, I know sex sells and people have been doing it for years, but there is a fine line.

    Her 72 day marriage didn’t make her a bad person, but if you know beforehand that you didn’t want to marry him then don’t get married. Especially when you’re still in love with your ex. Now her marriage was just a money grab then she can’t understand why people turned against her. Well, believe it or not people still believe in marriage and making a mockery out of it just doesn’t sit well with others.

    • trueurbanqueen says:

      Barbara. . . It doesn’t matter what happened in her past. Her past is just that. People never want to let someone move on. If a woman sold herself on the corner for drugs, she has the right to move on with her life, make changes, and start a new life. A crack head can become the CEO of her own multi-million dollar company. Kim is now a CEO of a million dollar empire. I see her handling her business and making her deals.
      As far as her behind being real or fake. . .how many women in Hollywood haven’t had some surgery. Plastic surgery is not a reason to call someone a ho.
      There are actresses doing nude scenes . . .using what they got. . . does that mean ho?

      Right, now I see no reason why Kim is being called such a harsh derogatory word. And since I don’t agree with the term. I guess I never will.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. I’m not the sort of girl who calls other girls ho’s, however I do think ms. Kardashian dresses in a way that makes one think she might be a ho. She is also a shrewd business woman with an innate ability to stay in the spotlight, and the tight clothing helps her do what she wants to do for her career. However, I wouldn’t want my daughter thinking of her as a roll model.
    Heather Fonseca recently posted..Desert Casual

    • trueurbanqueen says:

      Heather, I would never go as far to call her a role model. As far as her clothing, I can see someone thinking she needs to tone it down some but, I don’t think the way someone dresses justifies calling them a ho. It makes me think back to when that police officer told women ‘do not dress like a slut and you won’t get raped’. We all know that is far from the truth. The funny thing is there is a female singer walking around in her underwear and I never heard her referred to as a ho.

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