The Great High Heels Debate

Recently, I was having a “conversation” with a Facebook friend about . . . you guessed it . . . high heels. The comments moved to a woman he seen who could not walk in the high heels she was wearing.

Me: Well, you know I can run in 6-inches!
Him: We know. lol

And then it happened . . .

Side note: This post is only brings up a few comments . . . some directed at me, some only snidely directed at me, and some not directed to me at all, but I tend to give my opinions regardless (actually, this is a frequent occurrence on many subjects).

I digress

So, here are responses to the most frequent . . .

high heel debate comments, I have seen anywhere high heels are discussed.

(heel: Gianmarco Lorenzi Platform)

She Must Need a Man

Her: Trying to get a man
Me: O_o
*now it is on and popping* Well, I know I don’t need to TRY to get any man.

Let me clarify something right now. I do not need to wear a pair of high heels to get a man. My daddy didn’t help make no ugly baby . . . oh, and that is not being conceited that is called self-esteem.

Believe me when I state this . . . if a woman needs to wear high heels, make-up, or show skin because that is the only way she feels that she will get a man then . . . her real issue is lack of self-esteem.

As for me, I wear high heels when I don’t have a man and when I do have a man. Why? Because . . . . I like them.

Once again, I do not need a pair of high heels to get a man. Truth told most times sometimes, I tend to love high heels more than men.

The Feminist Enters

Her: We need to take a stand against brands and the media forcing superficial images on us. As women we have the right not to feel we need to cram our feet into a pair of shoes to exist. We ALL need to stand against high heels because of the bigger issues.
Me: Last time I check (down below), I am a woman also AND one with rights.

What are my rights?

The right to wake up in the morning and choose what I want to wear.

How dare this woman or any other woman try and dictate whether I should pluck my eyebrows, shave my legs, wax my nether region, put on make-up, wear a bra, show some skin . . . or walk outside in a pair of high heels. Yes, I have the right to look good just as you have the right to look . . . well um well, that way.

Seriously, of all the issues women are facing in our quest for equality . . . like I don’t know . . . equal pay for the same work a man is doing . . . the protest of high heels (or burning of bras or sporting hairy legs) is definitely not going to help get us that much closer to bigger checks. Whether I work in high heels of ballet flats, I should be paid fairly.

The podiatrist enters (not really)

Her: They (women wearing high heels) are the ones messing up their feet.
Me: *thinks to self* is that a cigarette that she is holding in her profile picture? *rolls eyes, logs off of life, reboots* I can think of ONE or more things a lot more dangerous to my health. *pictures self in heels standing next to the woman choking me with her second hand smoke*

I, like most women who wear high heels, know The Dangers of High Heels.

I also know the dangers of flip-flops (yes, those cause more injuries than high heels), lack of exercise, cigarettes, caffeine, sun, driving in a car, and the list could go on, but I will stop here.

As, I always state, say, sing, shout . . . take Care of Your Feet.

Did you know that even among non-high heel wearing women, feet are the most neglected part of the body. Don’t believe me . . . go outside and look down.

The Wonder-er

Her: Why do they have to make high heels so high? I don’t mind high heels, I just don’t like 6inch heels.
Me: Wear kitten heels.

Like seriously, who is forcing anyone to spend her hard earned money on 5-inch high heels? If you cannot walk in high heels or if you prefer lower heel heights . . . buy your shoes accordingly!

Last Thought

The next time you feel like you want to use your time, energy, and voice to protest such an important issue like high heels and heel heights think about these things:

* The health insurance system discriminates against women

* Violence Against Women in the United States

* Why is it Difficult for Women to Protect Themselves from HIV Infection?

Understand what I am saying? There are real issues . . . and then there are high heels debates.

Please, do not be afraid to give your opinion in the comment section and share this post with others (it’s greatly appreciated).

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17 Responses to The Great High Heels Debate

  1. I think there’s nothing like a pair of great pair of heels to make you feel fabulous and like you can take on the world. Great blog. Stopping by from SITS Sharefest.

  2. Barbara says:

    I get a lot of comments from co-workers (not those in the same building) but others who want to know “who are you trying to look good for or empress?”. My usual comment is I don’t dress for no one but myself. I wear heels but high and low because I like the way they look and how they make me feel. Great post!

  3. misssrobin says:

    Beyond the fact that there are other things to worry about, we need to have each others’ backs. We need to support each other, not tear other women down.

    I’m not a fan of high heels. For me. I don’t care what anyone else wears. And I’m certainly not going to question your choice of wardrobe. Well, maybe if I see you in super high heels tripping up the bleachers at a ball game. But only for a second. I’ll think they were a silly choice for that event, but then I’ll remember to be nice and notice how great your whole outfit looks together.

    Nice post. Stopping by from SITS. Have a great weekend.
    misssrobin recently posted..Why Doesn’t the World Stop?

    • MissRobin . . . I will be the girl you are judging at the ball game, but I won’t be tripping. I can actually step over or on bleachers in them. haha. Actually, I will wear wedges to ballgames.

      I so agree that supporting women is greater than all else. And that it deserves a greater place than worrying about what someone else is wearing. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. shan says:

    I’m still in school but I’m grown and I hate the fact that when I put on heels to go to class, walking in I just feel the looks that say “Where does she think she’s going this is a classroom” But at the same time I’m grown! If I want to wear heels I damn well will…and that’s that…preach on sister!

    True Queen
    shan recently posted..Style Stalk: Teyana Taylor

    • Shan. . . Laughs. That is right you are a grown woman going to class to get your degree and following your dreams . . . if you want to look good doing so then, by all means . . . please do. What your classmates fail to realize is the bigger picture which is that you are doing something positive and that is all anyone should focus on. . . well . . . if the heels are hot then let them focus for a minute on them before they see the bigger picture. ha!

  5. Heather says:

    Lol. I love high heels, I just don’t like wearing them all the time, and I am always on the lookout for new kitten heels.
    I like your discussions. Good for you for standing up for our rights to wear what we want to wear. After all, if we’re not hurting anyone else whats the problem?
    Heather recently posted..Brunch and Shopping on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles

    • Exactly Heather if I am not harming another . . . why is anyone worried about what I wear? There is nothing wrong with kitten heels or not wearing heels all the time. We all have a preference. Allow people the right to theirs.

  6. Raquel says:

    Ahhhh this debate could go on forever… the only people who ever look awkward in heels are the ones who look like they are about to topple over lol. You should walk proudly (& steadily) in your heels with confidence. This way you are not “calling for a man’s attention” but just like your heels : )
    Raquel recently posted..Monday’s Cowboy Boot of The Day

    • Raquel the debate will continue because everyone has their strong opinions. I wear heels because I like them if a man happens to cross my path well good for him. . . ha

  7. This is sooo interesting!! There should be a what was she thinking wearing those heels 9 months pregnant?? Answer: because I can!! Lol
    haute frugalista recently posted..FOOTD: Bambina School Hunting!!

  8. roviedear says:

    love wearing heels, especially platforms and mary janes :)
    whatever they say, heels can make an outfit :)
    Rovie The Bargain Doll!
    roviedear recently posted..Candy Colors

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  10. Sara Williams says:

    Let people wear what they want but truth be told,,,high heels are dangerous. It is you to decide as a person either to wear them or not. People are only to be advised in as much as the power to decide is solely with an individual.
    Sara Williams recently posted..100% Blonde Jokes: The Best Dumb Funny Clean Short and Long Blonde Jokes Book

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