Stepping Forward: Abel Muñoz Limited Collection Spring 2011

Designer Abel Muñoz recently sent his spring/summer 2011 lookbook.  In spring, Muñoz is releasing a limited edition “Pompeii” collection. The collection is as educational as it is beautiful.

Pompeii was once a thriving Roman city that was destroyed and completely buried during an eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius. The volcanic eruption lasted for two days and buried Pompeii under ash and pumice. The city was lost for nearly 1600 years before being rediscovered around 1592.

I asked Abel Muñoz why he chose to design his collection in honor of the city Pompeii. He responded, “At the time women were allow to idolize powerful women or female figures in Pompeii and also women were entitle to be powerful as well.”

That lead me to do some a little research.
Evidence supports that the woman of Pompeii were not subject to the laws of being strictly a homemaker, as many women in other regions, during this period, were. Some women even chose to maintain their independent status. Women of Pompeii had the opportunities to participate in commerce, religion, and politics. Evidence supports that women of Pompeian held occupations as weavers, landladies, salespeople, butchers, doctors, and high priestess.

I told you the collection was educational.

The limited edition “Pompeii” collection is also beautiful. The heels are rich in color and even though, the collection will be available only for a limited time the footwear is timeless. These are heels you will have in your closet and find yourself wearing for many years to come.







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  2. Ashley says:

    Lovely post! Fabulous color used in the slingback pump.

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