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I love high heels, stilettos, wedges, and even every now and then, a kitten heel. I love looking at heels, writing about heels, shopping for heels, and being in heels. I love receiving the latest press release of what I can look forward to next season. I love designers, writing about them, and following their every move. Actually, I am sure all this very evident since, I did start a blog that focuses on high heels.

However, there is a part two of this blog; the part, where we empower women. AND, the best way to empower others is to support their dreams. So, after much thought (and now that the focus around here has been reorganized) here are the ways we want to support you.

Saturday link love: This feature is where we share the links of your posts (the ones we have read throughout the week. Now, we have to admit, we have missed a few Saturdays and with quite a few events on the calendar, the pressure is on,HOWEVER, we are committed to making this a weekly feature and even if it goes up at 11pm it will post.

Saturday Share: Now, we have already begun to share your posts and events on our Facebook page but, we thought that this would be something fun to also do.

Sidenote: It turns out that if a page likes a page the like is not counted. So, even if we like your page it will not increase your numbers HOWEVER, liking your page with ours does give us an opportunity to actively interact with you. . . i.e. share your posts with our following.

SO, what is Saturday Share? Every Saturday on Facebook we will highlight (throughout the day) 5-7 Facebook pages with our followers with a small summary of what your page is about.

The Hot List: This is a weekly feature where we highlight women-owned businesses, women run sites, women-written books, and products for women. Like we told a recent inquirer, what you do does not need high heels as part of it. If you have something you like us to consider for this list, contact us at:

Queens in Heels: This feature (which we made the mistake of making a page and not category and will correct) is geared toward interviewing women who are following their dreams. So, if you know (or are) a designer, author, musician, CEO (to name a few); we want to talk with her (you). Visit the Queens in Heels page for more information.

Quid pro quo

(like Hannibal told Clarice. You must give to get.)

What do we mean by that?

Well, we must admit we are going to give those who support us the greatest share of our support. That is not to be mean spirited but, we want to do unto others as they have done to us. How can you support us as we, support you?


Follow us on Twitter: THEN interact with me. RT a link. @me and say hello.

Like us on Facebook: If you are using a page to like us the only way we will know is if you, like a posts on our page, comment on our page, share our posts for the page.

Comment: Leave comments here on Queen in Heels and we promise to visit you and do the same.

Well, as we grow, we will continue to try and create new and creative ways to support you all. Thank you for those who have been with us from the beginning and to those who have joined us along the way. To our new readers . . . hello, and welcome.

Thank you for visiting Queen in Heels. Never miss an update by subscribing via email or your favorite rss feeder. You can also subscribe using Bloglovin. I appreciate your time and support.

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  1. trueurbanqueen says:

    I was just asked about featuring Bloggers. Thanks for the suggestion. I am now working on the details so there will be a blogger of the (week or month). . . feature coming soon.

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