Saturday Links Thanksgiving Edition

This week’s Saturday Links has a Thanksgiving theme. So, along with all the interesting stories I have read this week, I am dedicating this post to all my well-heeled hostesses. Here is to cleaning, cooking, greeting, eating, shopping, and entertaining; all while maintaining our budgets, figures, happiness, and sanity and doing it all in our heels.

Saturday Links

Evelyn Lauder the creator of the Breast Cancer’s Pink Ribbon died earlier this week.

Did you read the article In Defense of Cookbooks – Why I Use Them Over Apps? Which of the two will you be using this Holiday season? Well, make sure to read the article because Aly from Cooking in Stilettos gave readers her choice of which she prefers.

Also visit Cooking in Stilettos’ Fab Friday — Thanksgiving Edition for all her Thanksgiving Day picks.

Apple Dumplings with Cranberry Cinnamon Sauce is a delicious new recipe, I learned from my favorite cowgirl over at Horses and Heels.

Forbes Magazine has The Secret To Being A Power Woman: Wake Up Early

Yikes! Marc Jacobs’s Entire Spring Collection Reportedly Stolen in Paris

This is just good to read if you are blogging as a business/brand: 6 Laws Every Blogger Needs to Obey so they Don’t Get Sued

Tamara Mellon Leaves Jimmy Choo – now I love Jimmy Choo heels and Tamera Mellon however, I can’t help wonder if some of this is karma for when Jimmy Choo had to leave the company.

The ladies of We are not Martha Stewart are showing you How to Cook a Butterball Turkey

Family Spice cooks up Basmati Rice: Another Great Thanksgiving Side Dish

Evil Mom Chef has Thanksgiving appetizer ideas to hold guest over until dinner.

Check out the neat “dried roses” made from leaves at the Bower Power Blog in the post Lowe’s Creative Ideas – Tablesetting Challenge Part 2

Keeping It Hot At Thanksgiving: Tips and Recipes by The Flavorful Fork gives you tips to get your Thanksgiving meal to the table hot and at the same time.

If you have been considering becoming a food blogger especially, after all the baking and cooking you will do this Holiday season; I suggest reading Food Blogging 101 – How to Start a Food Blog at Eat the Love. Actually, it is good advice for all bloggers.

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  1. Great list of posts! I’m not cooking this thanksgiving, but if I was i’d be checking out those cooking sites.
    Heather Fonseca recently posted..British Red Skinny Jeans

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