Saturday Link Love and the Challenge Progress

So, for those of you who do not know, I have embarked on a commenting challenged. The challenge . . . to comment on at least 25 blogs a day for 30 days . . . was proposed by a blogger on Twitter. Also, other than commenting, the other part of the challenge is to visit blogs not only in your genre/niche but, those outside of it. For example: a fashion blogger should visit not only other fashion blogs but, at least 3 food blogs, 3 personal blogs, and 3 technology blogs. The person who proposed the challenge stated that this would be a great way to connect with others, build readership but, ultimately broaden our horizons (open our minds to new ideas). I actually like this idea (the reason why I agreed) and being that I am more than a lifestyle blogger . . . woman, mother, likes to bake, building a brand and business . . . I totally like reading a variety of blogs.

How is the challenge going?

Well, the first day (which was Wednesday), I did make it to over 25 blogs and I commented on 21. I would have commented on more however, everyone does not allow comments by someone using name/url. I did eventually realize this pertains mostly to accounts on Blogger (blogspot) so, unfortunately, I tend to now skip those. I will say the ones that I did find or stumble upon that allow url/name comments I have used a bookmark like Bloglovin or to keep track of.

That day. I actively participated in online communities that I have joined . . such as Blogher. I did not count the comments I left on those communities in my total. I am only counting individual blogs I have visited. Also, I did not count multiple comments, I left on the same blog in the same day.

The next day (Thursday), I didn’t do so well, I commented on 10 blogs. On Friday, I made it to 5 comments.

This weekend, I hope to not only make it to my goal of 25 a day, I hope, since I will be lounging around, to at least make 30 each day. *fingers cross*

I will keep you posted on what I do. I am making marks, for each comment for each day, on a notepaper so, I do not cheat.

Saturday Link Love

One way to love shares her tips for studying in the blog post: Studying How I do. I really like her ideas and will share then with my children. I also, can apply a few of these to blogging.

Lisa C Writes always enlightens with her posts of love, life, marriage (married to her high-school sweetheart), and parenthood (she home schools her five beautiful children.) In the post I’m A New Fast Girl with Lady of The Hour – Jasai Madden, Lisa shares her new journey with us.

Normally, I do not link to a blogging community but, I was so delighted with Balancing Fashion & Faith: A look at Muslim Style Bloggers over at Independent Fashion Bloggers. I really appreciate the diversity and hope that the community continues with it.

Well, looking at the time it is almost 9 pm. So, three links will have to do. I promise more next week.

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2 Responses to Saturday Link Love and the Challenge Progress

  1. Shelly says:

    Sounds like quite a challenge! I do my best on a regular basis to visit blogs that are out of my mommy bubble. I have made some great connections that way. Hope you can keep it up! xo
    Shelly recently posted..You can’t beat home cooking | Publix $25 GC giveaway

  2. trueurbanqueen says:

    Thanks Shelly.

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