Rob Pruitt for Jimmy Choo Capsule Collection

Jimmy Choo Capsule Collection, created in collaboration with contemporary artist Rob Pruitt.

Pruitt’s signature of glitter, zebra, pandas and dégradé color are featured in the designs and presented in contrasting combinations. In a playful expression for Jimmy Choo, Pruitt created a unique duo of angel and devil pandas symbolizing the dual personalities of the Jimmy Choo woman: the classic good girl versus bad girl.

The shoes and bags feature dégradé leather linings patterned with repeating angel and devil pandas. The soles of shoes are finished with dégradé colors creating an eye catching flash of color with each step. The collection also includes highly collectible angel and devil panda minaudière clutches; featuring more than 11,000 hand-applied crystals. Each minaudière is a limited edition of 14 and are numbered and signed by the artist.

Angel and Devil Minaudières

Highly collectable Angel and Devil Minaudières, limited edition of 14 worldwide, numbered and signed by Rob Pruitt for Jimmy Choo. Featuring more than 11,000 hand applied crystals.

Diffuse Sandals and Ling-Ling Tote

Diffuse zebra glitter sandal, featuring dégradé leather linings and sole. Ling-Ling tote comprising of a unique jacquard fabric, carefully created with silver glitter threads complete with Rob Pruitt’s iconic Panda images, exclusively for Jimmy Choo.

Sprinkle Wedge and Cayla Clutch

Sprinkle confetti patent and zebra glitter wedge, featuring a dégradé colored sole. Cayla, a patent clutch in candy colored hues and topped off with beaded ‘sprinkles’ and a zebra print pave flap. Designed by Rob Pruitt exclusively for Jimmy Choo.

Anouk Pump and Sweetie Clutch

nouk pump in dégradé colors of mirrored leather, overlaid with French lace. Sweetie clutch featuring dégradé colors in vibrant orange, pink, and yellow hues of mirrored acrylic. Designed by Rob Pruitt exclusively for Jimmy Choo.

Rob Pruitt Interview

Watch the exclusive interview with contemporary artist Rob Pruitt and Jimmy Choo Creative Directors Sandra Choi and Simon Holloway.

The Rob Pruitt Jimmy Choo collection is available for pre-order now.

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