Why I Love Being a Woman

Why do you Love Being a Woman? That is the question that I had asked various women of different races, ages, and backgrounds. After, I had asked this question to these many talented, intelligent, and beautiful women, I began to think to myself, the answer is probably so evident that these women will laugh at me. The response would overwhelmingly be because, I was born one. However, as I began to reflect on that thought it occurred to me that while, yes, I was born a woman that does not mean that I love being what I am.

Sadly, I began to realize that there are women out there who do not fully understand the power and beauty that lies in being a woman. How, we as women have shaped the past and influenced the presence. That in our bodies, minds, and hands we have a strong hold on the future. We have the privilege (if we choose) to carry and bring life into this world.
Our bodies contain mystical powers, we have curves and a softness that entice, command, and fascinate. We are caring, nurturing, and we love hard. We raise families while, running fortune 500 companies. We dare to dream and then step out on faith (and in a pair of gorgeous heels) to achieve them.

Those are some of the examples of why we should love being a woman. I will share my personal testimony with you, on the reasons I love being a woman, as I post the testimonies of the many other women who have shared theirs. Each woman has given their unique perspective on being a woman based on their individual experiences.

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