PFW Spring 2013 Shoe Recap Part 2

Here is the second part of the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 shoe recap and the final recap of the shoes seen on the runway for Spring 2013. There were so many more shoes, heels, wedges that walked the runway, showed at presentations, and displayed at showcases however, if I tried to post them all these post would continue until Spring 2014 shows.

I will say that it has been another great fashion month of orgasmic shoe porn and disappointing turnoffs.

So, here is Paris Fashion Week Shoe Recap Part 2 (click the link for part one):


Stella McCartney

Saint Laurent


Alexander McQueen

Louis Vuitton

Miu Miu

Guess what? I actually like the shoes from Chanel. Are you surprised? I actually am loving a heels that are not sky high. I think that those are super fun for a day of shopping.

My absolute favorite heels of this group and I type this as I bow down to Sarah Burton . . . Alexander McQueen. Those heels have absolutely captivated my entire being. AND THOSE THIGH HIGH BOOTS!! Instant like. Instant love. Instant lust.

Now it’s your turn. . . which shoes of this group are you loving? disliking?

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3 Responses to PFW Spring 2013 Shoe Recap Part 2

  1. MarMarti says:

    My fave group the Saint Laurent.
    Can you tell I’m more conservative lol

    MarMarti recently posted..Not just for Jewelry

  2. Love love love the chunky, low heels at Chanel and the skinny square heels at LV. Can’t wait for those looks to trickle down!
    Heather Fonseca recently posted..Dreaming of kitten heels and boots

  3. Barbara says:

    I like Mui Mui collection the best, very work appropriate and sexy at the same time. My lest favorite is Louis Vuitton. Something about them say school marm!

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