Nine West’s Channel 9 and my Shoe Confession

Okay, so I have wanted to enter into the world of vlogging for some time now. The only problem . . . I didn’t know where to begin. Should I start with something fun? Should I start with something informative? Should I start with something empowering? Then, as if the universe heard the debate in my head, I learned of Nine West’s new Channel 9 and the Shoe Confessions feature. I knew, at that moment, how I would kick off the Queen in Heels vlog on YouTube with a confession of my own.

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Channel 9 will cover various aspects of footwear such as like walking in stilettos, shoe repair tips and tidying up overflowing shoe closets. You can also watch “You’ve Been Prom’d” with Kelly Cutrone, “You’ve Been Schooled,” to teach students about the fashion industry, and “Shoe Fix” gives tips on how to choose the right shoes, and to keep them in good shape.

The Shoe Confession Feature:

The premise behind Nine West’s Shoe Confession is this: Every sole has a story. Shoe Confessions is a community in which women share stories about their favorite shoes and the journey on which those shoes took them. From the pumps they wore on job interviews to the heels they wore on first dates, from the sneakers they wore for their first marathon to the boots they used to climb a mountain, Shoe Confessions tells the stories of important moments in women’s lives and the shoes that took them there.

There are videos of celebrities confessing their inner most scared shoe confessions and of course the viewers are encouraged to submit theirs.

My Shoe Confession:

I didn’t exactly tell the story behind a pair of shoes. Instead, I shared the reason why I love high heels so much.

There you have it my confession and the first video in a series of many to come. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the Queen in Heels Youtube channel.

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7 Responses to Nine West’s Channel 9 and my Shoe Confession

  1. Heather says:

    GoodFor you for starting to blog! I know they’re very popular. Unfortunately I don’t have the patience to wait for the vides to load!
    Heather recently posted..Blogs in Style: September 2012

  2. Jamie says:

    LOL, I’m so scared to wear heels because I’m such a klutz. to give me height I usually look for clogs, or wedges… those shoes are GREAT for me 😉

    but keep rockin’ it!
    Jamie recently posted..LobsterFest LobsterFest LobsterFest

  3. Shae says:

    Great job Sharon!!! :) Don’t forget to do a few shoe models for us. You never know, you could become a professional shoe model. ;0)

  4. Tamika D. says:

    :) Cute vid. LOL at eyes rolling back. I know you love shoes and I love looking at them with you! One of my fave blogs, but I am sure you KNOW this!! :)
    Tamika D. recently posted..Oui, OUI to Bell Bottoms, ‘Fros & Fab Fashion

  5. eclechick says:

    Love this video and heels are FABULOUS! I watched Kelly Cutrone’s confession and Whitney Ports confession along with another girl’s confession (she had the sliding shoe shelves) and thought this was a fun concept. I may have to submit a video too. You look gorgeous lady!
    eclechick recently posted..Confessions of an Impractical Shoe Admirer – Miu Miu Edition

  6. Wow! Now that was kinda pornographic. Woah!!
    thefashionistachic recently posted..The evolution of Solange Knowles…

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