Kurt Geiger Starheel and the Supers Capsule Collection

To know me is to know I love superheroes (Especially, the ones from Marvel. My crush on the Hulk and Spiderman is serious). I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to Heroines and Villainess (because every good girl has a bad girl in her). To know me is to know that I adore high heels. Of course, I have a High Heels missed Heartbeats board. So, when I heard the news about the Starheel and the Supers capsule collection by Kurt Geiger; I knew I was going to love it.

Hailing from the city of London, Starheel. Starheel’s mission is to place a power yielding shoe on the foot of every woman. The shoes that she bring are no ordinary shoes. When you put on a pair of “Supers” amazing transformations occur.

Electra: Your chariot awaits with the wonder wedge and need for speed go-faster spikes.

Esme: The power platform with inhuman leg lengthening abilities for your sexiest silhouette imaginable!

Iris: Don’t be fooled by the playful peek-a-boo peep toe, this platform is your retroactive rocket shooting studs.

Iris: Paints the pavement as you fly skyscraper high over the rainbow.

Elena: The alter ego is downtime guardian of your universe, introducing the fierce flat.

Most days, I already feel like a Heroine (at least to those around me). I also do not need high heels to make me feel powerful. HOWEVER, when I do slip on a pair of high heels (especially like the ones above with their awesomeness), I feel like the world better look out! RAWR!

My super power: the ability to continue, to bend but not break, to walk with my head held, and look pretty damn hot despite it all. What’s your power?

Kurt Geiger
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One Response to Kurt Geiger Starheel and the Supers Capsule Collection

  1. eclechick says:

    This is too cute! I think Iris and Elena are my favorite ones. I think my power would have to be love. For some reason love radiates through me and I can’t help but pass it on.
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