Kanye Controls Kim Kardashian’s Closet

Recently, Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian a closet makeover and while, one would think it is a sweet gesture, I was like O_o.

So, for those who don’t know (which I am sure is no one), Kanye West brought in his stylist and along with his designer eye, they ripped apart Kim’s closet. In the end, Kim donated just about everything in her closet and was given a replacement wardrobe by Kanye.

Didn’t see it and want to:

I am not going to even question whether this relationship is real, for publicity, or a mixture of the two. What I do have a problem with is that they have been a couple all of two weeks . . . or is it three . . . maybe four. The point is she just started dating this man and he is already controlling changing her.

Okay, before you make the argument of how we should change for the better when we meet the right person, which I am not saying I disagree with that . . . up to a point and this is that point. If I meet a man and in a month he is in my closet telling me to give up my heels . . . did you see the heels Kanye made her give up . . .

Yes, there is nothing wrong with a woman changing her style. As we grown and enter various stages in life our fashion changes and evolves. I may even agree that Kim’s style has been questionable at times. Many celebrities as well as everyday people hire stylist to help them stay on the fashionable track. There is nothing wrong with that. However, this stylist is one of Kanye’s stylists. So, instead of seeing someone show Kim how to better dress, coordinate, and develop own her style. I watched Kanye with the stylist’s assistance go through and empty Kim’s closet.

Sweetly (cue sarcasm), Kanye gifted his woman with a whole new wardrobe. I cannot even pretend I won’t love someone to give me a closet full of designer clothes. So yes, it was totally nice of him . . . almost . . . except for the fact it looked like a female version of his closet. All black everything. Oh, wait there were a few pieces of white and some earth tones in there. Dear designer Kanye, women do like some color in their closets.

Once again, I totally agree that relationships are all about compromise. So, if Kim has changed up her closet then, Kanye has changed his _______.

Nothing. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

It’s one thing to make changes and compromise in a relationship. It is totally another when it is all one-sided. Plus, you should never change so much you lose who you are. What you stand for. What you like. My name is Sharon do not come in to the picture trying to make me Kathy.

Not too long ago Kim “cried” to the media and her fans how she felt “pressure” into marrying. She was placed in a situation she did want to be in, but didn’t know how to walk away for. Or something like that. Well, I am beginning to wonder if Kim knows what she wants . . . besides fame. Or does she just let everyone else decide what she needs to do.

“Hey, Kim let’s make this video. We can pretend like no one was supposed to see it.”

Look, I am not trying to pick on Kim. I have defended her before. I am just saying her mother controls her career, Kanye controls her image. At, 30+ years of age, I need Kim to learn to control her own future.

And tell your man to stay the f%#k away from the shoes.

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13 Responses to Kanye Controls Kim Kardashian’s Closet

  1. Heather says:

    I agree with you. Having ones boyfriend send in a stylist to rid his girlfriend of her signature style is creepy. On the other hand Kim is the master of keeping herself newsworthy. Maybe it was her idea. Let’s hope so.

    P.s. your share buttons are really difficult to navigate on my I pad. They float right over where Im typing. It’s hard to even hit the post comment button. I wonder if anyone else has the same problem.
    Heather recently posted..The Italian Dress

  2. Reese Hunter says:

    I think reaping apart Kim’s wardrobe was a little overboard. I am one of the people who questions her style sometimes but again, it’s her style. It’s time Kim learned to take charge of her life.
    Reese Hunter recently posted..Max Workouts

  3. Jamie says:

    No one should be in charge of your own wardrobe other than yourself. Yes, I get it, with celebrities, there are stylists out there that know their stuff, and they help pick out your outfits, but you have the final say.

    Kim is a bit lost, and everyone controls everything for her. To me that doesn’t make a person happy, that makes them lost in really knowing who they are.

    You have to live your life for you and no one else. Kind of sad, really
    Jamie recently posted..LA County Fair Food Preview and Giveaway Ends 09/06!

  4. LOL You guys are silly. You do know the show is scripted and the purpose is to get people to talk about her. Kim is a smart cookie, trust and believe she will not be controlled by any man.
    thefashionistachic recently posted..What I am obsessing over

    • thefashionistachic While I know the show is scripted the pictures of Kim lately are not.. Her fashion has changed. Sometimes she a Kanye look just like twins when they are out. He has greatly influenced her style and closet.

  5. Barbara says:

    I agree with you. Although I do not care for either one of them, I thought it was sad for him to come in and change her total look. Yes, some of the clothing choices were on the other side but now she looks just like him. Lately she has been wearing things that do not complement her. I know she is trying to change her look and become less sexual but letting him choose for you is outrageous. She should know herself by now to know what she likes and what she doesn’t. I understand changing a few piece because your significant other doesn’t like it but everything?!

  6. ifelicious says:

    i watched the KUWTK episode you’re referring to. i don’t recall seeing what new items she got for her new wardrobe, though. anyway, i think it just made good tv. i can’t imagine that Kim doesn’t have many stashes of clothes and shoes in the various places she travels and live (i.e. Miami, NYC).

    what was more funny and a test in Kim’s fashion sense, was her trying to find an outfit to wear to accompany Khloe and Lamar Odom back to Queens where Lamar grew up.
    ifelicious recently posted..MTV’s ‘Awkward.’ has surprise guest star on season 2′s most riveting episode (interview)

  7. Tamika D. says:

    I didn’t know about this until recently being that I don’t watch the show. However, this is a hotmess.com. What?! Controlling with a capital C. Next!
    Tamika D. recently posted..Popcorn and Market Yumminess

  8. i thought i was the only one that felt a little uneasy watching that.i agreed with Khole.
    themisspretty recently posted..“Pretty Klassy Look: Date Night”

  9. Alexis Grace says:

    I find this completely creepy…. and totally inappropriate! I have been married for 3 years (and with my husband for a total of 5 years) and I still wouldn’t dictate his life in such a dramatic way. This is not a give in take…. so strange…
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Calvin Klein S/S 2013 Collection

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