I’m REDy Because I am Unafraid

What started as a fun little experiment among friends has turned into a full blown women’s empowerment initiative and a beauty campaign for confidence.

It all began with a tube of lipstick . . . the friends wanted to try a new lipstick color without any regard for what others would think. That color was red. For many women of color, particularly black women, the red lipstick has always held an intimidation factor.


The Misconceptions:

1. Red lipstick symbolizes being a promiscuous woman
2. The lips of Black women are too voluptuous to wear red lipstick
3. Red lipstick does not look good on dark-skinned women

The Reality:

1. All women can wear red lipstick.
2. The key to doing so is to find the shade that complements your skin tone.
3. No woman should be afraid to wear a color based on the stigma of society and not being considered a “good” girl.

I’m REDy Campaign:

Created by @thenikkifoster, @seventhdistrict,@GodMenandMoney . . . the three friends wanted to share what they themselves learned from their experiment.

The Lessons:

1. Self-determination: Women must exercise their rights to decide for themselves what is suitable and what is not. This principle not only applies to lipstick . . . it applies to every aspect of our lives.
2. Beauty Standards: We must embrace our beauty and realize that it comes in the form of all shades and sizes.
3. Red is not Taboo: We should look at it as a symbol of courage and sovereignty.

My Story:

Though I am of a lighter skin tone, I struggled with wearing red lipstick. I once brought a tube (many years ago), but disposed of it because I felt that I looked ridiculous in it and that people would judge (and stare at me). Hey, I already wear 5-inch high heels, paired with red lips, I must be a call girl.

As I have grown through the years, I have realized so many things about being a woman. The most important being . . . that we have the right to choose our paths, like what we wish, and to feel as beautiful as we want . . . whether we are 21 or 82.

Besides, people will always have something to say about everything we do whether it’s wearing high heels or wearing red lip color. With that said, we need not to allow the opinions of others define what should or should not make us feel beautiful.

If at the age of 40, I feel good in a short dress, high heels, and red lips then, I have the right to rock my look. That is why I am supporting and sharing this campaign.

Join the Campaign:

In a tube of red lipstick (we) women will find glamour, sophistication, and the power of sex appeal. Learn more about the I’m Redy campaign, read weekly “red” tips, or for that extra motivation to try red lipstick (if you are still hesitating) visit the links below. Also, learn how to participate by posting about or submitting a photo to.

The Links:
The ImREDy Blog
ImREDyCampaign on Facebook
imREDyNow on Twitter

My Question:
For women of all races and shades: Do you wear red lipstick? Why? Why not?

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7 Responses to I’m REDy Because I am Unafraid

  1. Kaye Awatin says:

    Sexy! :)

    Kaye Awatin
    Blog: http://thestyleflux.blogspot.com
    Twitter: @thestyleflux
    Kaye Awatin recently posted..Sporty Spice

  2. You look FAB! and that shade of red looks great with your hair cut and color. We love hearing stories like this! Thank you so much for supporting the campaign!
    The Seventh District recently posted..DC Qream Queen

    • Thanks, I actually thought I brought a brighter shade than it turned out . . . I wanted to really make my point that way. And I try to support women supporting women so you are welcomed.

  3. eclechick says:

    You look BEAUTIFUL! I love your red lip, hair, dress…the entire look.
    eclechick recently posted..Urban Hang Suite – Diane von Furstenberg’s Manhattan Live/Work Space

  4. Heather says:

    Well, you know me and wild lipstick colors. Red lipstick is for everyday in my book. I had no idea African American women avoided it. I’ve always assumed that everyone thought it was as glamorous and sophisticated as it was sexy. That’s one of the reasons I like reading blogs – I learn new things all the time! And that lipstick looks beautiful on you.
    Heather recently posted..Denim Pencil Skirt – I love you!

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