H&M Fashion Against Aids Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign

Since 2008, H&M has released custom “Fashion Against AIDS” clothes donating a portion of the proceeds to global HIV and AIDS initiatives. Past collaborating designers have included Rihanna, Timbaland, and Katharine Hamnett. In April, H&M launched its fifth Fashion Against AIDS (FAA) collection, to raise funds and create awareness about HIV/AIDS among the young people.
This year’s Fashion Against AIDS collection brings together many different global styles that included the work of international artists and illustrators. This collection is not only fashionable, helps spread the word of safe sex (a message that each new generation definitely needs to hear),and 25% of all sales will go directly to a variety of international youth HIV/AIDS awareness charities.

The Charities:

Designers Against AIDS (DAA): An organisation which trains and educates young people in HIV/AIDS awareness, so they can spread the message within their own communities

MTV Staying Alive Foundation: MTV’s global campaign to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS. Their Staying Alive Award offers grants to young people focused on preventing the spread of HIV.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA): The task of UNFPA is to support each individual’s right to good health and equal rights.

YouthAIDS: A HIV/AIDS prevention initiative of Population Services International (PSI) which reaches more than 600 million young people in more than 60 countries.

The Campaign:

H&M has launched their Fashion Against Aids “Kissing” campaign.

Join the Campaign:

Grab your camera (or smart phone), grab someone you care about, pucker up and kiss. Then, visit Fashion Against AIDS and upload your “kiss & tell” photo. For every photo received, H&M will donate $1 to Fashion Against AIDS.

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2 Responses to H&M Fashion Against Aids Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign

  1. shan says:

    what a great campaign my brother died from AIDS, its a disease that’s claimed too many lives…glad companies like H&M stand behind supporting this issue.

    True Queen
    shan recently posted..Running Game

    • Shan . . . I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, AIDS has claimed too many lives especially, in African American communities. I am glad that companies take a stand. It is one disease that we can prevent, which is why I try to do my small part in raising awareness.

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