Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

For many adult women who are facing life challenges, which can include: divorce, death of a spouse, disabilities, domestic violence, and job loss the only option to overcome these obstacles is to go back to school. A college education is the key to their success in seeking secure careers to support their families and themselves.

Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

The Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund awards annual scholarships to low-income women thirty five years of age and older who are in an undergraduate or vocational training program and have a clear vision of how their education will benefit themselves, their families and their communities.

The Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund makes financial awards without regard to race, creed, religion, color, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, or physical disability.

The scholarships are not restricted to tuition, but may be used for books, transportation, childcare, or other living expenses to support the recipient toward her educational goals.

The History

Jeannette Rankin was a proponent of women’s rights and was the first woman to be elected to the United States Congress in 1916. Upon her death, Rankin left a portion of her Georgia estate to assist “mature, unemployed women workers.” Rankin’s personal assistant, Reita Rivers, along with friends Sue Bailey, Gail Dendy, Margaret Holt, and Heather Kleiner, decided to establish a foundation to help adult women who face difficulties when returning to school. The $16,000 from Rankin’s estate was the seed money for the Jeannette Rankin Foundation, which has been helping mature, low-income women succeed through education since it was chartered in 1976. In 1978, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation awarded one scholarship in the amount of $500. Since that time, JRF has awarded over $1.3 million in scholarships to over 600 women.
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Eligibility Requirements

An applicant for a Jeannette Rankin scholarship must be:

* A woman, age 35 or older.
* A U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States.
* Enrolled in, or accepted to, a regionally or ACICS accredited school.
* Pursuing a technical or vocational education, an associate’s degree, or a first bachelor’s degree.
* Low-income

Ways to Support

* Monetary Donations
* Donate your Car: Through a partnership with VDAC (Vehicle Donations to Any Charity), The Jeannette Rankin Fund can accept vehicles from anywhere in the country. The VDAC will handle the towing, issue you a receipt, auction the vehicle and handle the transfer of title.
*Volunteers: From the Athens, GA area help with mailings, events and the application review process.
* Spread the Word
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To Learn More Visit:

The Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund
Facebook: Jeannette Rankin Foundation

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  1. Thank you Queen in Heels for featuring JRF! You’re helping spread to the word to women who might not know scholarships like this one exist, and we’re very grateful. Hope you’re all having a fabulous summer!

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