Amethyst Women’s Project

The mission of Amethyst Women’s Project is “to restore dignity and hope to the lives of women adversely impacted by substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, and domestic violence.”

Amethyst Women’s Project began in 1999 as a volunteer grass roots outreach, counseling and referral service for drug dependent women living in Coney Island. Its founder and current Executive Director, Aida Leon, a native Coney Islander, conceived the vision that gave rise to Amethyst and continues to lead the initiative since its inception.

Currently, Amethyst Women’s Project programs and services are directed toward women, children and families living in Coney Island and its surrounding communities. According to Amethyst, “Coney Island attracts sex workers, hustlers, addicts, gang members, and the homeless, who are drawn to the area because of its natural beauty, exotic ambiance, transient population, opportunities for a fast buck, available street drugs, sex worker clientele, and the hoped for generosity of strangers.”

The non-profit offers free services that focus on women and their partners who are at high risk of exposure to HIV/AIDS. Amethyst also works with the children of at risk women who may also be victims of domestic violence and substance abuse.

Amethyst Women’s Project services include:

* peer led targeted and enhanced outreach and HIV prevention education
* harm reduction
*public health education
* HIV counseling and testing services
*community presentations
* intake and referral services

Ways you can help:

*Employment: Periodically, Amethyst Women’s project has vacancies for outreach workers, HIV Counseling and Testing Specialists, and program supervisors.


Annual AIDS Awareness Events: These are community-wide events held on World AIDS Day, National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day; national HIV Testing Day; and National Latino HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

Every year, in commemoration of National HIV Testing Day (June 27th), Amethyst Women’s Project sponsors an Annual Family Health Street Fair.

Each December during the Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa celebrations, Amethyst sponsors its Annual Holiday Family Celebration in the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones, MCU Park in Coney island.

*Volunteer: Volunteers may be assigned to work in the Intake Unit, the Peer Outreach Education Program or the HIV Counseling, testing and/or Referral Services program.

*Donate: Donations can be made online via Paypal.

* Learn More by visiting:

Amethyst Women’s Project

Facebook: Amethyst Women’s Project
Twitter: AWP_CI

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