Gio Diev Fall 2014 Collection

Gio Diev Fall 2014 Nikko
“Nikko” is a signature style at Gio Diev. The heel pictured above is soft grey stamped string ray, silver mirrored leather, and blade heels.

Gio Diev Fall 2014 Akita
“Akita” was inspired by Stevie Nicks seen here in black patent, red snakeskin, and kidskin laces.

Gio Diev Fall 2014 Savona
“Savona” was conceived as a metaphor for a framed painting in a gallery. The heel pictured above is black suede, soft gold metal frame, and pewter stamped string ray.

Gio Diev Fall 2014 Paris
“Paris” was designed to dazzle and seduce just like its namesake. The heel pictured above is beige satin with clear Swarovski crystals.

Gio Diev Fall 2014 Genova
“Genova” is a knight inspired bootie seen here in black patent with red kidskin detail.

Gio Diev Fall 2014 Siena
“Siena” was conceived as a metaphor for the many directions we take in life. The heel pictured above is red leather with black patent detail.

Gio Diev Fall 2014 Hannover

Gio Diev Hannover Accessory
“Hannover” features the “The Wave,” an accessory inspired by Japanese painter Hokusai’s masterpiece “The Great Wave.”

Gio Diev Fall 2014 Sofia
“Sofia” is a classic heel originally created as an ode to the designer’s hometown redesigned with a new look.

For fall 2014, Gio Diev maintains the combination of sculptural aesthetics and timeless luxury that the label has come to be known for. The fall 2014 collection is now available for pre-order.

Website: Gio Diev
Facebook: Gio Diev

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  1. Raquel says:

    The silver heels remind me of sprinkles and just make me hungry but I would rock the Siena pair : )

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