Friday’s Style on the Street

If you live on the East Coast (actually, pretty much anywhere U.S.A.) then you know it has been a hotter than Hades. Yet, for one day I managed to find the will to walk the streets for all of twenty minutes to find a few awesome high heels. Why? Because the Queen loves her readers. HA! — Hey, in this heat wave a sense of humor is greatly needed. —

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3 Responses to Friday’s Style on the Street

  1. Shermika says:

    These are some great looking shoes, and I sure am glad you walked those HOT streets to show us these pics!!!
    Shermika recently posted..Love, Peace & Dunwoody Pt. 1 of 3

  2. The blue, purple, and black wedges are cute. Do you know who makes them?
    The Seventh District recently posted..DC Qream Queen

  3. Kaye Awatin says:

    I love all the designs! unique and fashionable!

    Kaye Awatin
    Twitter: @thestyleflux
    Kaye Awatin recently posted..Manila Bulletin Lifestyle/Fashion: Rendezvous (Perchance, to meet)

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