Couture Fall 2012: The High Heels

Couture Fall 2012 in Paris has come to an end. From July 1 through July 5 we were treated to the Hautest (so not a word) Couture in fashion. And while, everyone (myself included) oh’ed and ah’ed over the clothing coming down the runways; I also, had my eyes on what the models wore to walk the runway. Here is a picture recap of 6 shows:

Christian Dior:

Jean Paul Gaultier:

Elie Saab:




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3 Responses to Couture Fall 2012: The High Heels

  1. Eclechick says:

    Elie Saab, Christian Dior and, really those two fall into the “shoes I’d wear category”. I thought I’d like Chanel, but after seeing them here, it’s a definite N-O!
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  2. Ashleen Moreen says:

    Elie Saab and Versace for me is the most incredible and I really love it. The designs are very cute and very fashionable. Love to have one of those. Love it very much!
    Ashleen Moreen recently posted..worth reading

  3. bagbrag says:

    the fact that this couture heels are wearable and not over design like mcqueen pieces

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