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Have something you want to share with the readers of Queen in Heels? Have a strong opinion on a subject? Want to share your experiences and stories with Queen in Heels readers?

Feel free to guest post your words here.


* High heels [of course]: How they make you feel, styles, trends, how to take care of them . . .

* Women Empowerment: Health, beauty, work, self-esteem, improvement. . .

* Women Topics: Sex, Dating, Relationships, Parenthood, Life in General

As long, as it is geared toward women, tastefully done, and thought-provoking, there is a possibility of having it featured on the Queen in Heels site.


* Be original. Please do not recycle a post you have already published elsewhere, including your own blog (at least not word for word consider SEO). You may use experts that direct the reader to Queen in Heels to read the entire post.

* Communicate clearly and present your own viewpoint and voice.

* Include a photograph of you or something that represents you (logo).

* Include an author bio (no more than paragraph length). Make it as fun and interesting as you like. Please include the link to your site, Facebook page, and Twitter profile.

* No affiliate linking.

* Submit your post in Word .doc or .txt format, and try to use HTML markup in your content. By doing that it will help to insure that your post looks the way you want it. If not included, content appearance will be left to the discretion of the Queen in Heels editor (if you do not have Word, do not worry, submit post in your email body).

* By submitting a post and having it accepted, you agree that Queen in Heels may publish the full article, extracts, samples of the article wherever Queen in Heels is associated (Facebook, Twitter, Google + . . etc). All credit will go to you as the author.

* Send your post to:

Please be patient. You will receive a reply along with any comments, questions, or a publication date within three days of submitting.

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