Blogger Spotlight: Sereeda of Eclechick

Tell us a little about you (the person behind the blog).

My name is Sereeda McKoy, I’m from a small town in North Carolina. A little shy until I get to know people. Diane von Furstenberg is my fairy godmother (not sure if she’s aware of that), I’m obsessed with nail polish and I’m a natural lover and giver.

Tell us about your blog.

eclechick is a fashion and style blog for the woman that enjoys combining eclectic style elements from broad and diverse genres to create her own look. I love writing and word play; so I grabbed one of my favorite books, a thesaurus (kind of a word geek) and found synonyms for my style. eclectic hopped out immediatley, I combined eclectic with chick and voila, eclechick was born!

eclechick is broken down into 4 components: Fashion & Style, Beauty, Shoe Fetish and Et Cetera.

Fashion & Style showcases different styles (celebrity looks, current/up and coming trends) and provides examples of how to achieve those looks whether it be the exact pieces or similar items. This section also highlights my favorite designers as well as up and coming designers.

I have a bit of a shoe fetish, so Shoe Fetish is comprised of well, shoes. Shoe sightings, up and coming shoe trends, shoe forecasts and a new feature called Shoe Fetish Confessions. It’s dedicated to shoe closets I’d love to raid; packed with pictures, names and also their web urls, twitter names, etc.

Beauty is dedicated to skin care, some makeup trends (I’m really a Plain Jane in that world, give me beautiful brows and mascara and I’m happy) and NAILS!! The nail aspect is probably 90% of the beauty category. I share new nail polish collections, colors and feature nail artists. I also do step-by-step nail art tutorials, readers seem to really love those.

Et Cetera is dedicated to fashion editorials (I’m obsessed with unique and breathtaking magazine editorials), my life posts and other things that don’t really fit into the 3 categories listed above. The editorials shown are from magazines here in the US, London, Turkey, Africa, China… A nice mix of lovely images.

What inspired you to first start writing your blog?

What inspired me, that’s a loaded question. I would read magazines and blogs and find that the content was great, but didn’t really speak to me. I have a quirky type of style, one day I’ll be girly, the next day I may have on sneakers. I figured that I wasn’t the only one, so I decided to bring eclechick to life. Also, I LOVE Wendy Lam’s blog, as well as Vashtie Kola’s blog,; those two ladies speak to my style and humor which really pushed me to start up eclechick.

How has blogging affected your life?

Blogging has made me really go after my dreams. Sometimes I step outside of myself and look at what I’m currently doing and think, “I never would have done this if I wasn’t blogging.” I’m shy, but when it comes to things that I’m passionate about I go after it full throttle. Which amazes me! Blogging has made me realize that I love writing, that I love words, I love reading well-written articles. I want to share that love with others, so I’m going after what I love.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced with your blog?

Hmmm, finding my voice. Nowadays, everything is instant. Meaning, as soon as a new collection, or a shoe or nail polish comes out, EVERYONE is on it (face it, fashion and style blogs are a dime a dozen now); so I really had to sit back and decide what content should and shouldn’t be covered and how can I make it different from Jane Doe’s blog. There are some things that I won’t cover, because it’s not what eclechick stands for or it’s just been covered way too many times. I want to deliver content that epitomizes eclechick, engages the reader, provides a unique point-of-view and makes the reader visualize what I’m writing.

What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Listen up new bloggers.
1. Be yourself/Find your voice! Don’t be a carbon copy of another blogger.
2. Simplicity is your friend. Make your blog easy to navigate and clean. Nothing worse than going on someone’s blog and having an anxiety attack because you don’t know what to click, have a slow load time or you have no clue how to get to specific posts.
3. Be interactive. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram it up! It’s great to have those social media outlets, but if you’re not engaging with your readers, it’s pointless. This is another way to show your readers who you are.
4. Stick to your core. If the content, product, food, whatever it is; doesn’t enhance or exemplify who/what your blog is about, leave it. People love genuine and can see right through a “I just looooove these fluffy cat shoes… yada, yada, yada.” Don’t compromise for the sake of a post.
5. Support and engage with other bloggers that you admire. Read their posts, comment and share their posts with your readers.

Which three posts (links) on your blog you like to share?

1. NYC Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 Recap

2. My Visit to nOir Jewelry

3. Polished – DIY Fish Scale Nail Art Tutorial

Thank you so much Sereeda for the awesome advice and for sharing your experiences. Everyone please show some love and give support to all Sereeda’s efforts by visiting:

Blog: eclechick
Facebook: eclechick
Twitter: @eclechick

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