Blogger Spotlight: Caitlin of Southern Stay-at-Home Momma

Tell us a little about you (the person behind the blog).

My name is Caitlin Nicole and I am an engaged mother to one. My son is two years old and is currently potty training, so that is an adventure in itself! Other than blogging, I love website and graphic design and playing World of Warcraft. Yes, I’m a nerd! Me and my family moved to Indiana from Mississippi in April of 2012. We moved so that we could better our financial situation, find a more family-oriented community, and to escape the heat. I started my blog when we lived in Mississippi which explains the name of my blog — I thought about re-branding it to “Northern Stay-at-Home Momma” but I will always be a true Southern girl (sweet tea and all!) and I want my blog to reflect me and who I am.

Tell us about your blog.

I blog about anything from family life to food to my experiences of moving from the South to the North, and soon-to-be my most concentrated-on topic, my weight loss journey. I also write product and restaurant reviews and host giveaways, which I absolutely love doing.

What inspired you to first start writing your blog?

I started my blog in January of 2012. It was tax time and we were contemplating moving, and we had also started introducing the potty to our son. I figured that, with me not having any local friends or family, I would start a blog to help relieve some stress from the potential move and potty training a toddler. That, and I had just been chosen to participate in an amazing all-expenses-paid trip to Stouffer’s headquarters in Solon, OH where I had the chance to meet a group of fantastic people, most of them being bloggers, for an amazing culinary experience! So, I guess
you could say that our stressful lives and other bloggers inspired me to start blogging.

How has blogging affected your life?

It’s my outlet. My only outlet, really. I still don’t have any local friends, even after our move, so it’s all I have. I’m thankful for it, though. I’ve met so many wonderful people so far in my blogging ventures and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me in the future!

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced with your blog?

I would have to say exposure. I have readers that I’m thankful for, but it has definitely been hard getting my name and my blog out there. Having readers is completely different than having Facebook and Twitter fans. Your readers are the ones that actually read your posts and keep coming back because they enjoy your blog. Your Facebook and Twitter fans may still read your blog, but sometimes someone can just look at your Facebook or Twitter page, get the gist of your blog post that day, and be done without even visiting your blog.

6. What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Ask for help when you need it. Don’t feel like you have to do it on your own, and don’t feel like no one will help you or that they might make fun of you. No blogger can do it alone 100% of the time, and any blogger who says they do or can is either lying or sorely mistaken on what blogging really is. Either that, or their blog is strictly for a specific group of people, like friends and family. Blogger groups and communities are the best place to find support, hands down, so work on one that works for you. If you aren’t sure where to start, you’re more than welcome to visit Blogger Haven ( — me and a good blogger friend of mine founded Blogger Haven for three reasons: 1.) we were looking for some well-rounded support in all areas of our blogging, 2.) we wanted to provide bloggers with exactly the support we were looking for ourselves, and 3.) I witnessed a horrible incident where a blogger was poking fun at a new blogger behind their back — we wanted to create a community for any and all bloggers where that behavior is NOT tolerated.

7. Which three posts on your blog you like to share?

(Update June 2014: This blog is no longer available.)

Thank you Caitlin of Southern Stay-at-Home Momma for your time. It has been a pleasure to feature you on Blogger Spotlight. Let’s all show some love and support for Caitlin by leaving a comment and visiting her blog.

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  1. Hello Fellow Momma!!
    Here you have a blogger friend who has gone through the same!!.I have 2 children and know how diffixult it is to manage motherhood and been a woman. Sometimes the line is so blurry and between house chores and family you forget about yourself. Keep in touch with me and hopefull we can help each other!
    Haute Frugalista recently posted..THF Is Inspired By You: Dedicated To My Fellow Bloggers!

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