Blogger Spotlight: Bibi of Bibi’s Next to Blow

Tell us a little about you (the person behind the blog)

My name is Bianca “BiBi” Gray and I am a mom, teacher, musician, poet and soon to be author of a children’s book. I have been an avid musician and writer since my early youth. I have helped pen songs and was lucky enough to record references to them. I come from a musical and extremely creative family, who all share the entrepreneurial spirit. I am a believer of God and I know it’s through him all this is possible for me!

Tell us about your blog.

My blog,, was founded in May of 2012. I initially had the idea of creating a vehicle for indie artists, poets, authors, or entrepreneurs to have a platform to gain exposure. I only intended to feature artist that I knew, but people started looking for me after their friends or favorite artists were featured on the blog. It also features Online Music Mixing Services provided by a credited engineer Jovan Callender known as 2NDHANDJESUS, who has worked with some of the best in music, for very affordable rates! We are also hosting a mixtape called BiBi’s Next To Blow: The Mixtape due out in the fall. BiBi’s online It’s starting to gain a following as I try to make my internet presence stronger and stronger.

What inspired you to first start writing your blog?

What inspired me to write my blog was the fact that every other blog charge large amounts to have a video featured and for a full write up and most independent artist can’t afford these rates. I gave artists a platform to be heard without beating up their pockets. It’s only 25 bucks to have your video posted and 75 for a complete write up! That’s great for indie artist to hear. I’ve been blessed with finding awesome talents, and I’ve even interviewed a young man who lives in Denmark. So I’m inspired by that in itself!

How has blogging affected your life?

Blogging has had an enormous affect on my life because it allows me reach out and meet new people. Connect with different types of people and create and maintain relationships I would have never had made without it. It has also helped me polish my business skills. I am happy to say blogging has had a positive affect on my life thus far.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced with your blog?

The biggest challenge I began to face was finding my voice and gaining traffic. Content is easy because there is always someone willing to tell about themselves, but will the people be interested. These are the things I had trouble with initially, but now that is more under control. Monetizing is always a long road, but that is also becoming less of a problem!

What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Advice to new bloggers, brush up on your HTML if you don’t have a webmaster at first because appearance is EVERYTHING! Also, find your audience, with all gossip blogs etc. there will be no one listening or watching if you don’t find your niche. Also, meet and network with other bloggers, share and compare marketing ideas, and make sure you are going to stick blogging out. I say make sure because this is not for the faint of heart. When you slack on publishing content, your following will wane. Stay focused!

Which three posts on your blog you like to share?

Producer MVP: In His Own Words
JM Benjamin: My Manz and EM – The Movie
Reese: The Budding Independent Star

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Blog: Bibi’s Next to Blow
Twitter: BiBiGray

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  1. Tamika D. says:

    What a cool idea to have a place for indie artist to shine! Going to check out now. Thanks for sharing, Sharon!
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