Becky of ‘lil Burghers

Tell us a little about you (the person behind the blog).

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, but decided to extend my roots to Myrtle Beach, SC where I taught for three years. After being a single mom for 3 months, I decided I needed the ‘Burgh back in my life and moved home. Just a week before I left, I fell madly in love with Greg, my (now) husband, and we “forced” him to become a ‘Burgher, too. By day, I run numbers for a local retailer’s IT department and by night I manage a household that consists of a SAHD, a smarty pants 4-year-old, and a too cute for his own good 21 month old. My passions include the Food Bank, the Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project, photography, and training to run.

Tell us about your blog.

‘lil Burghers is a daily dose of life in our house and around Pittsburgh. Sometimes I like to share reviews/giveaways or let Greg take a spin at sharing some SAHD or couponing stories. Mostly, it’s funny stories about the kids or parenting moments.

What inspired you to first start writing your blog?

Social media has kept me going. Being a single mom, I clung to Facebook to stay connected to my family and friends back home (and then at the Beach). It was an easy way to share as my daughter grew. I’d casually blogged during her first two years, but kept it mostly private. When I got pregnant with ‘lil Man, I decided I really needed to get the memories down because the scrapbooks just weren’t happening fast enough. This birthed ‘lil Burghers, and it eventually became a daily part of our lives.

How has blogging affected your life?

I have met amazing people (like Sharon) through blogging and social media, as well as fallen deeper in love with Pittsburgh. As a family, we often go to experience things we wouldn’t normally just because I want to blog about it and share with others. I’ve had people comment about my stories, both good and bad, but overall I feel more connected to the people I love the most.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced with your blog?

Admittedly, I am my own worst enemy. If I do not publish a post a day, I feel like I’ve failed to put down a memory; however, if I publish a sub-par post, I feel like I’ve let my readers down. Also, I know I am not one of the top bloggers in Pittsburgh let alone the US or among “mommy bloggers”, so I let the numbers get me down. Greg’s posts actually CRUSH mine when it comes to stats, and that bothers me. If I get over 30 hits a day, I am excited (although this also saddens me because I know many other bloggers have way bigger numbers). I’m always working for perfection, and it definitely is a challenge as I blog.

What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Blog about what you want. It’s ok to change your course mid-way, but make sure you know what your focus is. Don’t worry about posting every day, and don’t apologize when it doesn’t happen. Let life happen first. That’s what is important.

Which three posts (links) on your blog you like to share?

Let’s End Hunger Now: #BlogMob #Hunger” (A Hunger Advocacy post following a recent event at Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank)

7 Miles / Mud, Sweat, Tears” (about my experience “running” the 2012 Mud on the Mountain at Seven Springs)

Got It From Her Mama” (Since Queen in Heels is a style blog, I thought I’d share our “style”!)

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  1. Tamika D. says:

    Seems like a fun mommy blog. I am going to check out some of her coupons post being that I’m an avid couponer! :0)
    Tamika D. recently posted..Frugal Fashionista Finds: Shop ’til Your Hot!

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