Back from a Renewing Break

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is step back from it all and breathe. Step away from plans. Step away from goals. Step away from projects. Step away from blogging. Step away from it all.

I had to leave everything where it fell (after I dropped it) and just walk away. That may seem counterproductive to achieving your dreams, but really it is the greatest thing you can do. Especially, when one starts to feel overwhelmed and underappreciated or begins to believe that the entire universe is conspiring to keep you from getting what you want. All the goals, dreams, and desires of my heart.

I tend to become so frustrated, ready to take off my stilettos, put them in the closet and downright brokenhearted when things are not going my way (behavior more like a spoiled princess then an in charge Queen).

When this very unQueenly unbosslike unsucceeding attitude surfaces . . . time to step away. Now, I am not telling you that I am giving up nor do I want you to give up. I am saying that it is best for both my piece of mind and visions to take some time to unclutter my thoughts and renew my spirit. So, here are a few things I did recently (short of purchasing a ticket to anywhereville) to relax and renew.

Watch movies:

I settled down on my couch with snacks in hand and watched a marathon in movies. In my household, we are multicultural movie watchers. That means we not only watch the big blockbusters movies, we also watch independent films, low-budget films, and foreign films. The lives of people in South Central, LA to the traditions of Sikh Indian to the K-pop genre of South Korea fill the screen. 1. I think that exposing my children to movies other than The Avengers (though I am a Marvel girl) allows them to appreciate the stories of others. 2. It makes movie watching more interesting for me.

Read Books:

Normally, when I read books, I try to focus on ones that are related to blogging or business. I decided to avoid those types of books and read plenty of fiction. I found myself revisiting old favorites like Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eyes and discovering new ones . . . if you own a Kindle then, I would like to recommend you follow Pixels of Ink on Facebook (just a suggestion – no affiliation whatsoever).

Family Time:

I own a tiny townhouse which I filled the last few weekends with family. Let’s see three bedroom house . . . there is me, my two children (16 & 12) then, I invited over four nephews (8, 11, 15, 16) and a niece (6). Talk about getting no work done or having any time or quiet to do so anyway. Oh well, fun times and memories are all worth it.

Play Video Games:

That’s right. I pulled out a video game, sat down, and played for hours. I will tell you my favorite game though, some may find it boring is called Animal Crossing (you move to a town, filled with animal neighbors, buy a house work and live). I own both versions of the game on the Game Cube and Wii. I haven’t played either in years until recently. Too bad I will have to now abandon my village because . . .

I am getting back to my projects.

And that is key . . . taking off some time, but not neglecting to get back into the swing of things before too much time has passed. You ever hear someone say they are taking time off from college for a year only to never go back? That is because sometimes too much time off makes it hard to go back. Other things or goals or life decisions begin to get in the way. Well, I am back on my grind, stilettos on my feet, with a cleared view of my visions and dreams.

What do you do when things begin to overwhelm you?

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12 Responses to Back from a Renewing Break

  1. eclechick says:

    Welcome back Sharon! Like you; feelings of not being appreciated, failure, etc creep in often. I find myself praying, revisiting some of my favorite books and just stepping away. We can’t be creative 24/7 and I’m learning that that is ok. Thanks for posting this, lets me know that I’m not alone and I’ll have to follow some of your tips.

    p.s. I love your picture!
    eclechick recently posted..LIFE: NYC – Making The Transition

    • Eclechick how could I forget lots of prayers going up . . . both of asking for knowledge and of counting my blessings. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone. Because sometimes it feels like everyone is doing their thing while I am losing my speed.

  2. Kaye Awatin says:

    Great outfit! Love your top!

    Kaye Awatin
    Kaye Awatin recently posted..Visions of Sunset

  3. Heather says:

    I think this is so healthy! I will probably do something just like it one day. I have huge dreams for my blog, but often I wonder if I’m just spinning my wheels. Taking a nice break from it all is important, and we’re all right here waiting patiently for you to come back.
    Heather recently posted..Los Feliz at Night

    • I so understand you about having huge dreams, but the wheel seem like they are spinning. I have plans goals beyond my blog and I sometimes feel as if I am moving toward them yet not moving. Me time and a good rest helped me clear my mind and gain new focus to actually move forward :)

  4. How funny! when things overwhelm me, I write. Writing is an outlet for me as it is music. I could just put my headphones and atart playing my fave tunes and that helps me relax and refocus. My children are still so small, that between doing stuff around the house and caring for them, I rarely get any time for myself. Blogging has allwed me to have new friends and has helped me find inspiration from others like you¡
    Im glad you got sometime off and spent it doing what you love and inspires you!
    Haute Frufalista recently posted..Is It Profitable To Blog? a DIY Blogging Budget!

    • I do like to write and I write too music too. How awesome are we!! I do agree that blogging has been inspiring by bringing wonderful people into my life that I may never had meet otherwise. I

  5. Raquel says:

    Good for you taking a break! I know that I need to force myself to do that more often. I like the changes I see around here too : ) I’m a project queen & when I get frustrated or overwhelmed I start a new project, maybe something simpler or easier but there is nothing like one project distracting you from another!
    Raquel recently posted..Red Lucchese Cowboy Boots

  6. Tamika D. says:

    Welcome back, queen! It’s always great to get away from it all. It clears your mind and reminds you of all that you have and want to have. I too LOVE video games. Been a game-head since a tiny tot! I have multiple gaming systems and often play a few games to escape. Cute pic, too!

  7. Marti says:

    It’s vital to take time to unwind and take care of yourself, its so much fun to play a game or just do kid stuff that always helps clear all that’s going on and re-focus.
    Marti recently posted..Not just for Jewelry

  8. I take a bit of a break – the 9to9, the pug, family, life, etc. – it can all overwhelm so I’m starting to think building in a day to “unplug” is a must. It’s tough when your blog/brand is your biz and you need to be disciplined. Quite frankly, I need to remember that emails don’t need to be returned immediately and that not everything is an emergency – oh, and I need to learn to say “NO” more often than “YES”. :)
    Aly ~ Cooking In Stilettos recently posted..Secret Recipe Club: Spiced Apple Butter

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