A Cautionary Thought for Fashion Bloggers

I remember when I first saw this commercial. When it first begin, I thought, “Oh a new TJMaxx commercial and with a blogger how cool.” By the end of the thirty-one second commercial, I was giving my television the side eye of disbelief.

Now, let me state, this is not a rant against TJMaxx or an attack on the young woman in the commercial. I personally like TJMaxx and I do feel it is a great place for a fashionista on a budget. What I do have an issue with is the “message” some fashion bloggers and those who are not fashion bloggers may perceive from this commercial.

“I like to think of myself as the voice of real girls.”

I am not sure what The Bratz have to do with this but, I am going to give you all my opinion as a real woman.

“Since, I post new looks almost every day, I have to shop almost as often.”

And there is my issue with this commercial. Let me break my thoughts down into bullet points.

• Since, she is a girl, I am going to assume that she lives at home with her parents, does not pay any bills, and is working some part-time job to support her (obvious) shopping addiction (hopefully her parents aren’t handing over their credit cards).
• 1+1 =2 so, almost as often is twice a day?
• A girl, who may be thinking of starting or trying to grow her blog, will get the wrong idea that she needs to shop just about every other day if she wants to maintain her readers.
• A misconception among non-fashion bloggers is that fashion bloggers like to shop, spend money, and worry about impressing others. I think this commercial just confirmed their suspicions.

“I can score designer fashion without spending like there is no tomorrow.”
And yet “almost as often” as there is no tomorrow she shops.
As I stated earlier, TJMaxx is a great place for girls/women on a budget to find reasonable and stylish fashion, HOWEVER, that is not enough. SO, here is my advice . . .


• If you are working then you should not be spending all your money on fashion. Open a savings account. Put money in that savings account. Leave money in that savings account.
• If you are not working, do not expect your family to pay for your shopping sprees.
• If you have discovered credit cards, please, cut them up or you will fall into the vicious cycle of debt. Then, sadly when you become a real woman you will find that your fashion choices, as a girl, have left you unable to purchase the home you want for your little girl.
• Learn to reuse and recycle previous outfits. Show the “real girls” out there how to wear the same blazer and come up with 15 different looks. Show your readers how to use accessories to change a day outfit into an evening outfit.

There is nothing wrong with showing off your style or blogging about fashion (hey, I blog about designer high heels). Just be careful of the value you place on impressing others and remember there is life beyond fashion. Do not develop bad habits today that cannot be easily broken tomorrow. There is a vast difference between saving money to spend and spending money to save.

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16 Responses to A Cautionary Thought for Fashion Bloggers

  1. What an amazing post and I wholeheartedly agree. This commercial deeply disturbed me because they are implying that fashion bloggers must shop often to stay relevant. Bloggers have enough issues with the FTC, etc. – they don’t need to give future readers false perceptions.
    Aly ~ Cooking In Stilettos recently posted..Fab Friday — All Things Williams Sonoma

    • trueurbanqueen says:

      Thanks Aly. I agree with so many other issues why give future readers, future bloggers, or any one else false perceptions about ourselves. Too bad this commercial has a further reach than I do.

  2. Great post! As a personal style blogger I do feel the need sometimes to shop more than I would have not too long ago. Still, the stereotype of the sill blogger girl who shops all the time is upsetting. I do a lot of my shopping at the Goodwill, not TJMaxx.

    Heather Fonseca recently posted..A Fabulous Fall Skirt

    • trueurbanqueen says:

      Thanks Heather. I understand wanting to shop more to give readers something new to see and you made a great point. . . you shop at a thrift store many times. Which is a great also a great alternative.

  3. Roxanne says:

    Wow I loved your post and think you have a very valid opinion..

    I do not have a TJMaxx where I am from, and until this post I’ve never even heard of it.. I do blog (mostly fashion reporting kind where I even re-blog some of your designer lookbooks and I would really want to share this too on my blog..) but I’m thinking of starting with my own personal style on my blog..

    And I love the idea of trying to show people many ways to wear one garment, whether its a pair of jeans or leggings, or a dress, a jacket, a tunic or a skirt..
    Roxanne recently posted..Our favorite fashionistas…

  4. Barbara says:

    I agree this post is very valid. To stay up on trends does not mean that you have to “shop til you drop” There are lots of ways to talk about fashion without spending yourself into debt.

    A lot of T.J. Maxx’s commercials are about “fashion” experts, buyers, etc shopping daily and going there to find good buys. Ok, I get that they are saying that T J Maxx is up on style and fashion. But the message that I sometimes get is if you don’t go everyday that you will not have the latest fashions because A) they don’t buy enough to keep their stores stock in the trends and B) you need to spend more money than you have or people will think that you are not fashionable. But really having a “fashion sense” does not mean that you have style. Style is something that can not be bought!

  5. Raquel says:

    Well done Sharon. I agree with so many things that you are saying. When I first started blogging, I thought I would be shopping every day & blogging about those purchases. Since then I’ve catered towards a more “real” series of posts. You don’t have to shop just to blog. There are so many other ways you can talk about fashion without buy those $1,000 shoes!
    Raquel recently posted..Tara for The Cowboy Junkie

    • trueurbanqueen says:

      Raquel. . . Why did you have to bring shoes into this? hahaha. Yes, you don’t have to shop to blog and blogging is not an excuse to spend spend spend.

  6. I completely agree with you! There is a misconception that because you are a fashion blogger you have to shop all the time and that’s not the case. More importantly, fashion bloggers should be able to write about fashion without feeling the need to always purchase something to showcase on a site.

  7. Shermika says:

    I’m not a huge TJ Maxx shopper. Most of the clothes aren’t organized and I don’t think their prices are veyry low. I’ve found deals sometimes, but it’s not a staple shopping place for me. Back to the issue at hand: Unless this blogger has a disposable income, I don’t know how she can shop everyday. Furthermore, as a fashion lover/blogger I like to see what different looks one can rock with the same outfit. I post high end shoes from time to time, but I also post shoes that are decently priced, as well as outfits that don’t cost a fortune. Pointblank it’s irresponsible. As a blogger, I like to keep a happy medium between high/low end. And trust and believe, I don’t shop everyday to impress someone over a keyboard. This blogger has bills!
    Shermika recently posted..Jazzy Saturday

    • trueurbanqueen says:

      Shermika . . I do like the happy medium idea. My focus is designer heels here because, the luxury brands design the trends that eventually every place down to the shoe clubs will have a replica of. I have been asked to do ” the shoe for less” type post and I am considering it for in the future.
      It is irresponsible, as a blogger to spend carelessly but, many young women are just learning about the value of a dollar so they do not understand the words debt or bills.

  8. Shannon says:

    OMG!!! I thought the same thing when she says “I post new outfits everyday and shop almost twice as much”. As an adult on the average single woman’s budget… who can afford that even if it is a lower price point? One thing I will be promoting on my blog is recycling outfits and using less pieces. Thanks for making this commercial a discussion! :)
    Shannon recently posted..Casual Week

    • trueurbanqueen says:

      Shannon . . . and there you have it . . average woman’s budget! Hey, maybe she is a self-made millionaire. I am glad that you are going to use your blog to promote wise fashion styling.

  9. Shermika says:

    You know I’m posting some low end cause I gotta work with the budget! ;-) And yes, a replica is always made of a designer shoe…if we’re lucky, sometimes you can score great prices on designer duds. But that shopping everyday is silly. I don’t care for those shoe clubs though. It’s a consideration, but honestly I like what you’re doing. I guess you can throw in some here and there, but I like learning about designers I didn’t know of otherwise.
    Shermika recently posted..Party Like it’s Fall Eve

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