5 Tips on How to Walk Confidently in High Heels

In this post, I am going to give those of you who don’t know how to properly walk in a pair of heels, some tips on how to do so like a model on a runway. First and foremost, let me tell you this, as with riding a bike or learning to Rollerblade, walking in heels takes practice. So, please, do not get discouraged.

A proper walk is one with confidence and a sway in your hips. When you walk your knees should not be stiff and your ankles should not wobble. Here are the five simple steps and a few other tips to walking in high heels.

If you have never worn high heels before, find a mirror to stand in front of, put on your heels and stand up. This is where we will begin.

How to walk confidently in high heels

1. Practice standing. I know that seemed like a weird piece of advice however, this will allow you to get accustomed to the height of the heel.

2. Slowly turn side to side. This will give you the opportunity to check if you have the correct posture. I am sure that you do not need me to remind you something you have probably already heard numerous times before from your mother, yet here I go, the first rule of proper posture is to always keep your back straight. Therefore, when you are looking at your image in the mirror, your shoulders are back, your chest is poking out, your stomach is sucked in, and your behind is sticking out.

Proper posture is necessary when you are walking in heels, because your center of gravity becomes different then what you are use to. Proper posture will give you better balance. (Let me take a moment to say that, the proper posture alone is reason enough to learn to walk in high heels. We will address other benefits later.)

3. Take your first step. Wait! Remember your posture. Okay, let us proceed. When you take your steps, keep your feet straight in front of you. Walk across the floor of the room. Take your time. Make your steps smooth with pride and confidence, foot in front of foot. The way your foot should land with each step is heel, ball of foot, then toes. Continue practicing walking back and forth across the room.

4. Practice walking on different floor surfaces. For example, if you have been practicing on a carpeted floor, try a hardwood floor.

5. Practice walking up and down stairs. Please, USE the hand rail. When walking up the stairs, allow only the sole of your shoe to land on the stair. When you are walking down the stairs, the entire shoe, both sole and heel, should land on the step.

There you have it ladies, five simple steps to walking in heels. Oops, I forgot one. There are actually six simple steps.

6. Attitude. Walk with the mind set that you are a woman who is getting ready to conquer the world.

Those are the six simple steps to walking in high heels. See how simple it is to walk in heels?

Here are some bonus tips to keep in mind, when you are first learning to walk in high heels.

Tip 1: Begin with a lower heel ( i.e. a kitten heel) and gradually increase the heel height as you master the lower heel.
Tip 2: Start with a high heel that has a chunkier heel. Then, work your way to a thinner heel.
Tip 3: Start with a high heel that has a rounded toe and avoid backless heels.

With plenty of practice, following my steps (well, actually I walk with a quick fierceness, so I would advise following the steps I wrote), and by adhering to the tips; you will find yourself strutting proudly (and don’t forget sexily ) as a queen in heels.

Lastly, I will share the real secret to walking in high heels . . .

It is thirty percent practice and seventy percent attitude.

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