3 Simple Facebook Page Rules for Admins

As bloggers, business owners, or authors one of the first things we do to promote our endeavor is set up a Facebook page. Seriously, that is one of the best things branding/publicity wise to do. As a Facebook user, I follow many pages through both my personal profile and blog page. Recently, I was on my personal profile when I noticed a status on a page that I follow. The page is one that deals with race and relationships (as in dating). When I read the status, I must admit I was a little stunned by it. So, I clicked through to read the comments.

Now let me state, I understood the intention of the message it was the delivery that failed. Now before I got to the page “someone” else had commented on how she was offended by the status. Actually, she asked more of a question. I guess the admin of the page didn’t like being questioned and she posted a snarky comment back at the “someone”. Well, before long there were comments coming in for or against both sides and cattiness filled the comment section. Yes, I did share my thoughts on the entire situation . . . if I like a page such as this one; I actively share all my opinions.

Now, I know that I have not shared the Facebook page name and that is because for this post that is not important. I will tell you all that it is a page for a blog about women and dating. The blog is written by a few different women and the page is administered by the two co-founders of the blog. The blog is feel is more like a community with posts on various subjects from fashion to dating. The page has over 6500 likes.

Okay, with that said I want share a few lessons I learned from this particular status update incident:

Keep it Professional: The status made though on the blog page was one of a personal nature. Then, “someone” made a comment. Which the admin responded, “this is not about you it is about me.” Which lead to another comment from “someone”. Which led to the please dislike comment. Which lead to the whole debate on the page. Like I stated earlier, I knew what the admin was trying to say, but the status ended up offending a group of women.

1. Choose your words wisely: Typing fast or out of frustration can lead to offending others and your point or purpose being lost in translation.

2. No bratty behavior: “Feel Free to Unlike.”That was the second comment made by the admin after she shared her displeasure at the “someone’s” first comment. Sorry, but that is a tad childish if you ask me. If I post a pair of yellow heels on my page and someone tells me they find them too bright . . . so be it. They are as entitled to their opinion as I am to mine. I am not going to say, “Well, if you don’t think yellow is hot, unlike my page right now.” The subject of this race and relationships blog/page is not something superficial as shoes and deals with subject matters that people get tend to get very passionate about. However, even if you are running a political page you have to allow people to freely express their opinions (within reason for example: clean language and no racist remarks).

3. Personal Status Personal Profile: If it is a personal status then it is probably better to share it on a personal profile. Leave your page for the community/blog thoughts.

4. Accountability: While, as admins we have the right to monitor the comments and set the ground rules. You are just as accountable to those rules. You cannot try to force people to agree with you or bully others with your power.

Apologize: Once you actually realize how you have offended others because you have realized your status didn’t convey your message as you intended . . . say so. This admin did eventually realize this (but had she stayed professional this would not have been needed). Matter-of fact, before responding to any comments . . . walk away for 20 minutes, come back read you status and all comments THEN react. You will be able to better see things clearly instead of emotionally.

Respect: As you want those who like your page to respect it and your opinions then, you must do unto others.

What are some other rules Facebook admins should practice?

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11 Responses to 3 Simple Facebook Page Rules for Admins

  1. Ashley says:

    Your spot on with all these points. It is a must to keep personal status out of the public fb page not only will it give the poster a bad image it give the page a bad image. Great tips!

  2. Eclechick says:

    Great points! My Facebook page has been growing lately and I’ve had to do those walk away exercises. I make every effort not to keep my audience in mind by posting things that represent eclechick and include the interests of the people that like the page. I’ve also followed a few of your tips from a previous post you did on Facebook behavior, thanks again!

  3. Melissa says:

    I think those are great guidelines. I feel it is important to choose words wisely on anything whether it is personal or professional … (Stopping by from SITS)

  4. Well put! I wish more people would read this!
    Visiting via SITS Sharefest :)
    BarefootMedStudent recently posted..Pouring My Heart Out: Med Student, Y U no do holiday job?

  5. This practice is all too familiar. Sometimes you post something (as I did the other day) with good intentions and people read it and flood your comments section with all kinds of reactions. I’ve had people get into fights on my professional facebook page too. It was crazy. I ended up having to take the post down. It was causing too many heated disagreements. Your rules are right on target. Visiting from sits!:)

    • I don’t think disagreements are always bad, how do you grow if you only involve yourself with people who agree with you? You can have a debate or discussion and it be constructive. I am very direct in my responses often time it can offend. If one is offended or disagree with a comment it is fine to voice your opinion. I am not referring to ignorant behavior. I am just saying stating your opinion. If my opinion differs from yours, I don’t get angry or heated. I recognize you don’t see it like I see it. Usually I am pretty convicted in my opinion. So if someone disagrees I don’t get angry. To me anger said that the person may question their own position. If not, why get angry?
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  6. Dacy says:

    This is so true. I would not like it if I liked a “professional” page and the owner(s) were posting personal things on it. I don’t have a facebook page for my blog, but I know that if I do make one it’s going to be professional and stay professional.
    Dacy recently posted..~The Best Beauty Tips~

  7. Raquel says:

    Oh wow… I’ve seen plenty of shops & designers bad mouthing others & I think that is tacky. I’m always myself on my page but I know there are somethings that I must keep to myself (always). What you can say depends on your page but you should realize people don’t always get it when you are joking so tread lightly.
    Raquel recently posted..Monday’s Cowboy Boots of The Day

  8. Ashleen Moreen says:

    Thanks for sharing this following rules for facebook page for admins. I really don;t know about this and thanks to you that I know right here. Nothing less important than making it professional.
    Ashleen Moreen recently posted..nice read

  9. Shermika says:

    You are spot on! I think being professional at all times is key.
    Shermika recently posted..Eats & Treats: Homemade Easy Pan Seared Chicken Fried Steak

  10. I am totally late on the entire Facebook thing. I have a fan page but don’t receive very much traffic. I don’t like catty behavior either although I appreciate authentic reaction. I understand the idea of business, my brand is my business but it is also my indentity I am authentic in my response. I would prefer to say my response maybe more mature than professional.
    thefashionistachic recently posted..I am seeing spots Louis Vuitton’s Yayoi Kusama Collection

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